What shapes do you see in the clouds?



Looks like a butterfly landed on my hat. <3

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Status update

I remember ringing in 2012 in Ur. I was atop the Dragon in Unnu Slight with a party of Glitchen. I enjoyed reading Notes people dropped of their New Year's Resolutions. I wish I could say the same about 2013...

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Status update
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Somewhere far away...


Spinning into emptiness.
I can't help but cry. What happens to de-imagined souls?
In the forests of my makers, I am undone
Why must the giants wake up? I wish to live in this dream forevermore. Please, don't let the dream be forgotten!
This has been one of my teleport spots since I learned the skill... I remember when this was a dead-end street, not a connection to another realm. I'll miss you, Raudan Sparkle.
I'll miss you!
I hope we meet again in the next dream. :)