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Moz is a writer chap from UK who likes rambling, cooking & gardening. Proud Potian & Elf. Born Theday, 9th of Fever, Yr 18. See link 4 Tower


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Well my friends - there is nothing like the impending extinction of the species to focus the brain. After many hours of long wonderful designing my tower is now finished. Feel free to walk through the lobby - based on the admiralty house in London, take a dip in the pool and have a refreshing shower. Stop for a while and have a picknic under the fruit tree or perhaps take in the planetarium. If you have chance - take a moment to reflect in the light room - so many of my friends donated jars of light to celebrate just being alive! Your treasured possession can be safely stored in my version of Harry Potter's famous bank - Gringotts. Finally you may just find a kindly old gentleman with a white heard and red socks sitting in his toy design lab having a well earned pumpkin ale and pie before the big day. I have loved every second of making this and thank you to all the kind friends who have helped and encouraged a part of me ive never really explored before. Im going to leave the tower there for good. Lobe and light to you all.

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I'll visit too, Lou! Just finishing off the floor I was working on & going to furnish it. It's true though - nothing like the impending extinction of the species to focus the brain!

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