Moosey 'lil marauding moppet


Potionmaking III Suzcka finished learning the Potionmaking III skill
a long time ago
lizzard lizzard added Suzcka as a friend! (it's mutual)
a long time ago
Nouveau Whack Job Suzcka earned the Nouveau Whack Job badge
a long time ago
Raking in the iMG Suzcka earned the Raking in the iMG badge
a long time ago
Master Gardener Suzcka finished learning the Master Gardener skill
a long time ago
Restorer of Stuff Suzcka earned the Restorer of Stuff badge
a long time ago


Amorous Philtre: 10% mood boost you can share
Ancestral Spirits: Stave off Overwhelming Ancestral Nostalgia
Charades Potion: Play a word-guessing game w/others on street
Door Drink: Open a surprise Hyperspacetime Portal Door
Elixir of Avarice: Increase your quoin limit for the day
Keycutter Tonic: Change a key into a random other key
Potion of Animal Youth: Change animals back into babies
Rainbow Juice: Induces propellent rainbow flatulence
Rook Balm: Heals an animal or tree hit by a Rook attack
Tree Poison: Murder a tree
Tree Poison Antidote: Save a poisoned tree

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