Heaven is the clearest blue,
Touched by loves warm breath,
Its swirling mist envelopes you
And warms you to your depths.
No matter sorrows we endure
When we are forced to part,
Look thee beyond lifes icy chill
To find a loving heart.
9 years ago
you made me cry Faereluch. That was beautiful. Take care now x
9 years ago
Mocha Maid
Sigh...thanks for this... <3
9 years ago
As always, the perfect picture & beautiful poem to follow. Thank you, Fae, for all your wonderfulness. You are special beyond measure. :)
9 years ago
I never did find out how to make that heart appear... How was it done?
9 years ago
((hugs)) On the far right of screen there were three larger ish icicles that you could activate, Getting them in the right order lit the heart. :)
9 years ago
Brib Annie
Thank you for the answer! I asked a few times but none would tell me and I never got to activate the heart. I didn't get any answers about the Luck Dragon either and i so wanted to see his dragon breath. If only... Oh I want to go in there and make a Heart and see the breath and play!
9 years ago
Me too Brib, me too. Again Faereluth a heart-felt Thank You!
9 years ago
the secret of the dragon breath was broccoli, lots of it, proving they thought he was a veggie dwaggie, I'm not so sure tho, a time or two I swear his jaws trembled . . . * shudder*
9 years ago
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