MicklePickle's Snaps

Princess matches the gas tree!
Very strange silhouette
a Present? For me?
At home in the new home
All safely relocated. It looks so empty.
I'll probably keep these guys around on the couch. They've been...
Before Youthenizing the old Villa livestock.
Me and the Shelf
I guess Glitchen have been finding my TP scripts.
The Shelf of Legend still lives!
Hanging in the chandelier, scaring the chickens!
I have to agree with my bundle of joy, here
It's soooo pretty!
Overview of the new place.
Above the Spice grove
Just like IRL, my friends would rather read than hang out on the...
Close your eyes and jump!
Admiring the bottletrees!
I like to leave Flummerys with extra Fiber.
Everything's better with a boost
tidying up the reception area
Signpost on Fire!
Goodnight, Groddle (and all in the lands of Ur)
The still-expanding front room. The chick was fascinated by the...
New House, after a few expansions.
I Can still get into the lobby of the old house! The Shelf of...
Ur's most dangerous disco!
It used to be wetter here
gotta fire goin' over at my place