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"Upgraded 683 days and 11 hours ago, Led by Arthur Mo......
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Our hearts are so full of love for you, Glitch. -Faereluth, Joe...
We <3 Civility :)
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Ah best group in any game I've ever been in, best community....
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Lets Go Sailing!
Taken by Mee Maw Moo
The Last Pumpkins
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And I stood, contemplating the end of the world. Beauty and...
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Not quite sure, but is that Oz?!
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Taken by Lord Bacon-o
not much candy trading going on, but at least someone was in the...
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I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just hanging around.
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A brave butterfly in Nottis
Taken by Moz Art
The ice is thin here... I can see the pocket salmen knocking and...
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Me & a lonely butterfly on the frozen lake...
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Wow! As a devoted sloth knocker I have been awarded the very rare...
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Just keep swimming...
Taken by Varaeth
Moon party!!
Taken by Meteloides
My bed is delicious. :)
Taken by Crateria
Loupin in crow, Amelia womannin' the Quarterdeck. Anda me...
Twin spotting!
Taken by RM
Meeting the man behind the game. He's tired..
Taken by Princess Sarah
I got a rube, Kehn got a Rube... MAGICKS!
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Taken by Mildmay
Big Hell man, meet little hell dude. :D
Taken by Bachjess???
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Taken by Beffy
How many of you knew this street had an entire hidden section?...
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So pretty!
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My crops look a bit small....
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