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Happy new year, Glitchen! May your year be filled with...
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Dustbunny, I thought we talked about keeping the trees on a...
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Goodbye, DIno
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Goodbye from me...times 3. Love, VS, Rapurnzel (aka Ciara...
Damn bot doesn't quite fit in the fireplace... I had to dent him...
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Finally, the perfect doll I needed. Is it hot enough for ya?
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hey guys? is there something in my hair??
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dongimal. the dong of all dongs.
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Ur's First Atomic Reactor - Initial Test Scheduled for Dec. 9th
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Camp fire stories for the kiddies
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FREEDOM!!! Sweet, sweet freedom!
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The file is inside the cake.
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What is that I see? A YETI!!!
Jack Off Ruby, so named by Kukubee, is the last of it's kind. A...
Kukubee with his new present
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Note to self: Never eat crayons during your third trimester
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Thanks Xombiekitty:) for letting me hold him - much appreciated:)
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New gnome saying. Yep... I enjoy it
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Peppermint Butler and I have a heart to heart.
ive seen bigger...meh.
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Wow Dragoon really loves Pot :D
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my head asplode?
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It's a Miracle!
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awww yeah nekkid tree climbing bom chica wah wah
I finished my apple!!!
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ill stomp you out poo bag!!
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flaming paper bag of poop left on my doorstep!
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