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As usual, Yeti's scamming on some poor, unsuspecting girl. Have...
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Giddyup Gideon..............
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My new home...
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Ugh, my head... where am I?... what is that in my.... Ahhhh!!!!
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please please dear pumpkin lords let them last...
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That's a lot of poop o-0
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Spoiler alert. Happy Zilloween.
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KM and MK (Dinah as my opposite)
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I think my new hobby is going to be having HUGE sales and...
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Surprise buttsecks...
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The edge of Gentle Island, before jumping into the real world
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Learning the truth about Helga's past in bored no more's tower...
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The company was thoughtful of KM, but I think the placement is a...
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In-air makeout session. Looks painful.
This is eerily like my real-life homeland (level credit: Ryan)
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Seriously, guys?
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Ball, Dusty. Dusty, Ball.
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I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. My time is...
Getting a bit sexier at the Alpaca!
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Progress on the music room
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<3 Sleeping cebarkul quads..
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I did it!
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who broke foxes?
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Blending in; The art of camoflage.
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How long have those glitchen been crawling in the background?!?

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