The Musicblock Spirits
Its so hard to see, and ohh how I miss it ......God Bless Rook....and please please lets motivate the giants to get another game in the works like this one! There is NOTHING out there...nothing!
9 years ago
Princess Fi
I think the one mechanical thing I wished for but never discovered was how to set objects in Glitchspaces they would or should not be have been expected.. above, below..
9 years ago
Dagnabbit Rabbit
Joni not sure if this snap was done this way but if you had scenery that had a climbable tree you could put stuff on the limbs or a rock with a cliff or whatevs and when you changed scenery the items would remain where they were. Piggies and chickens would generally fall back to the ground though.
9 years ago
Princess Fi
Interesting Dag.. Wish I had thought to try that. But what about the public streets.. for instance this?
Flying Cubimals? How did they get there? Inquiring minds want to know. :)
9 years ago
Rook Rook snapped this
at 3:22pm on July 7, 2012
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