This is how I chose to experience the end of the world. Standing next to each other in a not completely alone kind of way. I love you guys.
8 years ago
It's fascinating how different people chose to face the end.

At least four different groups: deniers, loners, crowd-seekers and with-frienders.
8 years ago
I was a loner... Well, I was doing my best to get back to my butler for a last "bye". :(
8 years ago
Brib Annie
I traveled around to many of my favorite places. I ended up at Cebarkul where I was stuck as movement was mostly impossible. However, I was not alone!
8 years ago
I'm an optimistic loner. Just before the end, I hid in stoot's tower. I figured that when his extraordinary imagination is re-kindled, I'll be with ts for another great ride! tee-hee
8 years ago
Clever one GreyGoose - if he takes anything to put in his next project, you'll already be there on the inside. Be sure to send us invites.

I was almost a denier... it was hard to login knowing it was all going away. Logged in to play the last 24 hours cos I knew I'd regret it otherwise. Didn't really have a plan for the end... almost spent it in the Large Model Home, but my pickle had other ideas... so spent it in GFJ with at least 72 other people
8 years ago
The glitch stay in my heart, and of the all players...
8 years ago
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