This is how I chose to experience the end of the world. Standing next to each other in a not completely alone kind of way. I love you guys.
11 years ago
It's fascinating how different people chose to face the end.

At least four different groups: deniers, loners, crowd-seekers and with-frienders.
11 years ago
I was a loner... Well, I was doing my best to get back to my butler for a last "bye". :(
11 years ago
Brib Annie
I traveled around to many of my favorite places. I ended up at Cebarkul where I was stuck as movement was mostly impossible. However, I was not alone!
11 years ago
I'm an optimistic loner. Just before the end, I hid in stoot's tower. I figured that when his extraordinary imagination is re-kindled, I'll be with ts for another great ride! tee-hee
11 years ago
Clever one GreyGoose - if he takes anything to put in his next project, you'll already be there on the inside. Be sure to send us invites.

I was almost a denier... it was hard to login knowing it was all going away. Logged in to play the last 24 hours cos I knew I'd regret it otherwise. Didn't really have a plan for the end... almost spent it in the Large Model Home, but my pickle had other ideas... so spent it in GFJ with at least 72 other people
11 years ago
The glitch stay in my heart, and of the all players...
11 years ago
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