Look, I'm sorry, ok? I don't want your guilt trip right now.
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Marley Cuddles
8 years ago
Piece of Serenity
what did you do now kevbob?!
8 years ago
He went home drunk of course
8 years ago
Papa Legba
I once had a boss who was evil and if she got mad at you she would lift her glasses and give that exact look. The Rock is giving me PTSD.
8 years ago
shhexy corin
don't lie, you're a guilt-tripaholic
8 years ago
LOL maybe the Rock's just having a bad day...give him a savory smoothie to help cheer him up. ;)
8 years ago
You can fool some of the Glitchen some of the time but you can NEVER fool your Magic Rock!
7 years ago
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