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Concept street with beehives. We never did figure out how to make...
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Once more into the breach - and off the balcony we go
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A Civility Glitchmas
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Easier to climb the political ladder when you put on pants (just...
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Slug boobs is sitting on our snacks.
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An icy hand....
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Ths week, on Hoarders...
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Civility: We give because otherwise we'd burst!
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I'll miss you, Sno Cone Vendor. :'(
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Mooning the moon
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Even my letter wants to match me :)
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I found a twin!!!!
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Don't you hate it when people fall asleep while waiting in line...
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Most unproductive quoin sharding ever?
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That spells hmm uh
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I tried to tell about the dangers of the subway o.O
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6th floor
Taken by Taztaboo
Look, I'm Princess Leia!
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Civility Salmon Bomb
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the Spice Must FLOW in Spice
Taken by AngelTeri

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