In 434 East Roman Emperor Theodosius II offered Attila and Bleda 660 pounds of gold annually with hopes of securing an everlasting peace with the Huns. This peace, however, was not long lived. In 441 Attila's Huns attacked the Eastern Roman Empire. The success of this invasion emboldened Attila to continue his westward expansion. Passing unhindered through Austria and Germany, Attila plundered and devastated all in his path...... And all they needed to stop this..... was the Rube
wow look Atilla's even got an army of followers. But did you know Helcat has an army too, just check out her street
8 years ago
i spat tea out reading this - Well Done Fae! :)
8 years ago
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at 11:10pm on September 29, 2012
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