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Goodnight Bear, goodnight Stoot, goodnight house and all of its...
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my last greet
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After the last KANYE show.
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Kanye raps party
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KANYE concert
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Aw, Gwynne, this is so nice!
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Ack! I must be drinking too much Purple Essence!!!
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
Ur's First Atomic Reactor - Initial Test Scheduled for Dec. 9th
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Get out. You're worthless.
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Yes, I DO see I have a chair in my front yard. No, I do NOT know...
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
Do I really want to eat that meat? right there next to the skulls?
Taken by PopRocks
Ohhhh .... it's a Craftybot! It .... what'd I say? Are you all...
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
Oh my gosh! It's Robot Chicken! Erm ... or maybe not.
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
Really? Really? Even underwater you have to annoy me?
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
sir, you are a creep.
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charades time
Taken by Kellinator
People wonder why I have two gnomes side by side here. It's an...
Taken by Ann DramaDuh
Donation bar in hell??
Taken by LunaLovegood
A Giant's donation bar in my house?
Taken by LunaLovegood
I was tiny.
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Meeting a god.
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Check out the Giant Grandaline in the back! What a sight!
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race! go go GO!!!
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I cannot recommend Sequoia Baer's excellent museum highly enough....
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Stoot took the *really* good potion.
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I'm a hoarder.
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