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As I sit and stare at this screen I can't help but think to myself about all the wonderful people I have met in this game. I have to give thanks to everyone who is currently on my friendslist for being fantastic people. Thank you all for being there with me, you'll find my tumblr and twitter accounts up in my information, I plan on churning out a few last Glitchy stories on my tumblr. I have to thank TS for giving us a game where introverts could finally be able to come out and play and not be afraid. I have to thank everyone reading this that you all made this game what it is. Where else could we be ourselves and crack jokes like we're fourteen? Where else could we be able to form close friendships with people across the world? Where else could we be ourselves but here, on Glitch? This was a truly preposterous world, and I'm sure all of you can agree wholeheartedly. Yet, we will truly miss it.

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  1. kastlin

    So beautifully said. And I look forward to your future stories!

  2. Ayasta

    I would like to take this moment to give you all the link to my dropbox with the wardrobe stuff here: and reposting the link to the skins with faces here:

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Status update

*mwah Ayasta <3

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