Status update

Got the Glitch e-mail. Requested a refund. Once processed, I will officially be leaving the game. You should all remember why...

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8 replies
  1. ??~ Auren ~??

    by the way, what *did* happen? if you don't mind my asking.... it must have been big for you to up and leave. :<

  2. LitaPie

    Please, I beg you, don't disconnect from ME in doing so from the game. I am going through fucking hell in my personal life right now and I really really could use as many friends as possible. There are only three people who support me right now, and none of them are in my life physically - they're all online friends. Please, be the fourth. I am in such a fucking horrible place right now and I just cannot stand losing anything else. I've already lost it all.

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  3. Gwynne

    oops i didnt mean to like that, its just, the like button is right next to the reply button hehe. also its sad that youre leaving :(

  4. Eriol're leaving??? But...but why? What happened?

  5. Lucille Ball

    Lotta great players leaving. I'll be sorry to see you go. Is this about what happened to (Vermillion)?

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Status update
? SHI?I?? ?

I also have no idea why, please illuminate

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