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Count Battra

i don't have much to say here anymore, at least not anything that everyone else is saying... {i.e: i miss this place, i miss you people..., :) } but i still come here now and again to catch up... so ((((((((HUGS)))))))) all

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5 replies
  1. ♥shay♥

    I can't help but check the site everyday. Denial, I guess. *hugs* I always wanted to join your cult. :)

  2. ~Scilly~

    I still keep popping in for a wee catch up too! ((hugs))

  3. Shmoopie Kerfuffle

    Hugs to you, Battra! I wish I could be a Battra with you again! I know we will all be reunited somewhere someday! :)

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Status update
Toxic Moonie

((((hugs)))) and much love, Battra!

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