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Day 5 Spam 2: Shrine/giants thread: It took some doing (I searched for "but in german"), but I found a thread which I laughed my head off at before. It's the thread where someone asked for a shrines and giants explanation, and then it changed into an explanation a hundred different ways, like in different languages or upside down or as a limerick.

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5 replies
  1. Fernstream

    I remember that thread! I laughed and laughed about it as well. Thanks for bringing it up. I remember it as an early forum experience of mine- "look at this," I told a RL friend. "This is why I love Glitch."

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  2. kastlin

    Some of the best work by fellow glitchen!! Only here would you get this many versions of the same answer! We're awesomesauce!!

  3. Ann DramaDuh

    I just spent over a half an hour reading that thread! Fantastic! Thanks for finding it and telling us about it!

  4. Shmoopie Kerfuffle

    This is another illustration of why I so loved Glitch! :)

  5. Hab

    So. I nuked some dinner, put on some tunes, read half a book, planned what I was going to say (so that I would NOT come back here and say it - some of you surely know how that goes?), then came back to read the rest of this thread that you refer to - I think this is my favorite post in it - not sure - there were so MANY really great ones - one of the best where sockmonkey101 (the instigator of the thread who thought he was asking an innocent question, I'm sure) says in caps "ok I have enough answers already" or something to that effect, and someone quotes him and says: "sockmonkey101, its not about you anymore" - LOL - priceless - but I digress - yes am going into glichmadness - right right okay yes favorite post copied - here! You start out with 0 out of a possible 1000 favour with every giant. anyone seen any level 3, 4, 5s? when you get to 1000 with a giant party at 1795 Fusro Daa the shrine awards you an emblem mooooOOOOOOOooooooo and you reset to 0 WTB emblems of Mab - $4K out of a possible 1100 – w00t! 1397 favour from my icon! and so on after each emblem stoot said 8 weeks, then he said 137 100 points higher every time go to page 27 of the nearest book and read the second sentence (like oscarette said, but in global chat) Posted 14 months ago by Voluptua Sneezelips Yes, you could always trust VS for a hilarious comment! And wasn't Global Chat JUST like that! 'Kay, so I was saying I wasn't going to spam you all anymore tonight, and yet here I am... Well, I am finding that knowing that I am losing you all in a mere few days, is making me just want to hang on to you a little more and so I ask your kind forgiveness for my rambling spammy madness. *wishing for an emo bear to give hugs/kisses to all who suffered* I'll TRY not to do this in the next few days. Love you guys.

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Status update
Shmoopie Kerfuffle

This is another illustration of why I so loved Glitch! :)

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