Status update

I miss my pigs. I miss my awesome pot. I miss being able to walk out of my front door, hop a few inches to the left, and visit my friends. I miss the dopamine rush I got when I saw yellow flowers in herb gardens. I miss yetis and nubbins and platforms in trees. I miss sparkly caverns. I miss costume parties. I miss spontaneous cuddle sessions. I miss having the opportunity to make new, awesome friends anytime I wanted without having to put on pants. I miss constantly redecorating my house, hoping that with this string of giant flags or cabinet switch it would finally be perfect. I miss hitting on staff members when I had too many glasses of wine while glitching. I miss high img quoins. I miss Groddle and Ix and the homestreets in our imaginations. I miss really never having to be alone. I miss glitch.

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11 replies
  1. Seeen

    ...I always think I don't need to cry anymore. I'm always wrong.

  2. Crrrystal

    Me too, ewin. Me too. I want it back so bad.

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  3. Fernstream

    I miss you all so much. Argh I was going to be done crying. Oh well. Love.

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Status update

awwwww. Dang it, stop crying! *sniff*

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