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Today - just for 5 mins I wish i could teleport into UR. See how little Flotsam is and make sure Cerberus the chicken is behaving. Then perhaps go into the house and throw all the switches randomly on the time machine and see where it takes me. I miss you Glitch so much :-(

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12 replies
  1. Hab

    So with you, Loupin... I just can't say goodbye. Just want to be back in Ur so much - even though I know its not possible. Its a real palpable thing - this Glitch-grief.

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  2. geekybird

    Me too, I could really do with some Glitch today...

  3. Osiris χ

    This little guy knows just how you feel, man

  4. Cleops

    Cloppy approves this message...and agrees wholeheartedly :(

  5. Ancale

    I know exactly how you feel. It seems I miss it more every day. :( *hugs*

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Status update
White Tiger

Miss you too Lou xx

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