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It seems weird that most people played for a few levels, said what's this and stopped. I played it for eight hours solid, said what's this and didn't stop walking for, oh, about 427 days. I'd be playing it now to be honest and the massively upgraded PC I bought all the bits to play it better with only got finished since it closed 'cos otherwise I never quite seemed to have the time.

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3 replies
  1. Lyrical DejaVu

    Same here, from what ive heard there was a lot of....huh?...but that doesnt make sense......and ...whats the point?....there isnt a point? annoyed and walked away. We were the ones that were intrigued, they werent, they wanted the i know doing X=y, things that they knew the mechanics of from the get go, the stupid tired formats, of elves, and boman, warrirors and magicians, spaceships and aliens....etc. They wanted quests etc that were x=y. Glitch was not straigforward conpared to most games, it was bizare and quirky, whihc doensnt appeal to everyone. Plus non-linear games attract a subset of gamers to begin with. I do thtnk we needed more things to do, the temple idea that was never implemented would of helped a lot earlier to be honest.

  2. Ann DramaDuh

    I know exactly what you mean, Benzyl. I don't understand why so many players dropped off. I played from August 5th to the very end and got up to Level 31. I played at least 8 hours a day ... many times much, much more.

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rook knight =]

i was hooked pretty much instantly

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