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On my way home from London and I find this....unbelievable. To all my glitch friends, goodbye. I don't know if I'll feel up to coming back in game again. Too hard, too hard.

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5 replies
  1. tuqui

    Good to know you had a safe trip home... *wave* ... bye ...

  2. Maruchan

    Totally understoodd your feelings there: took me several days (and ugly cries) to let the reality sink in. Give yourself some time? You can always join in on the last day...for the long goodbye... (In case we missed each other *waves byyyye to Koftun* take care and be merry!)

  3. Osiris χ

    I understand how you feel man. Find us on FB or Twitter or somewhere.

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Status update

Not "liked", per se, but definitely understood =(

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