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bored no more

Eviction update: We have more time than originally told. The ruling is we have until May 24. Now that I have a date set in stone, i will be contacting everybody and everything under the sun to get housing. I already wrote my disability attorney and hope that this lights a fire under him to get things moving. My grandparents are also starting the housing hunt. They have income, but it's severely limited, so they will need all the help they can get too. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

9 replies

9 replies
  1. Marla

    Whew! A longer amount of time is always better! You and yours are in my prayers. Good luck with the search.

  2. Minkey

    I'm so glad to hear that! you are definitely still in my prayers and I'm hoping good things for you and your family!!!

  3. Reserved One

    We are holding positive thoughts & keeping you close in our prayers. Hugs.

  4. Ann DramaDuh

    Sending strong, positive thoughts to you. Be sure to "bug" everyone who is involved with your paperwork and housing. Repeatedly.

  5. Seeen

    >Run program: prayers.exe >Load: bored_no_more.gch >Activate: pray

  6. acro, obviously

    I am confident you will find a light at the end of this struggle. Keep on keeping on!

  7. Minkey

    Exactly what Ann said!! the way my mom got my dad's VA claims through were daily calls, sometimes twice a day. sounds obnoxious and counter-intuitive but it works. sometimes people that are in over-worked positions to help you don't want to help you so that you'll just go away. they expect you to stop trying. don't be mean, but make those calls. some of my mom's famous lines, for VA, congressmen and the like: I'm sorry to keep bothering you, I hate to make you work so much harder than you already do. is there anyone else, maybe a supervisor, who could take some of this off of your plate? i'd rather bug them than you, since you've been so (insert: helpful, kind, patient, whatever fits with the person)

  8. Kaepora

    Still praying for you and your family, bored! Very glad to hear that you got an extension. I second (...third??...) what Ann and Minkey said about "bugging" everyone involved with the legality of the whole situation. Just be sure to think and pray hard about what to say before you make those call. But, be sure to make them!

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Status update
Reserved One

We are holding positive thoughts & keeping you close in our prayers. Hugs.

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