Glitch Companion 3.7

-realtime mini map
-current street resource list
-travel bookmarks
-resources and snapshot tools
+keyboard shortcuts and quick slots

Original post (see updates below):
It all started with this idea.
I wanted quick shortcuts, so I decided to make a small script with Autohotkey.
It's a noob-like program language for non-devs like me :]
Then while I had that app running, I thought I totally could add additional tools and a nice GUI.
So I bundled other ideas from me or from the forums in three tabs, and a Glitch Companion.

It appears as an always-on-top widget, that you can move where you like over the game screen.
Here is how it fits in 1680x1050, you can probably place it over the chat in smaller resolutions.
This is a desktop app, and will not work with Mac os. It works with some limitations on Linux through Wine.
You can launch it from the source script if you feel paranoid and have Autohotkey 1.1+ installed,
or directly from the executable.
This is a standalone app, it's not for your browser
Requirements: Windows Xp or above or Linux with Wine

EDIT 2.0: New features
EDIT 2.1: Fixed keyboard for real
EDIT 3.0: Travel Book
EDIT 3.1: No worries release
EDIT 3.5: Snap 'em all
EDIT 3.6: Map updates
EDIT 3.7: New UI fixes

Download here : Glitch Companion 3.7 (1.1Mo)
Website HQ : Visit
Optional Greasemonkey launcher : Install
(For the launcher you need to have GM installed first and the app launched once, details)

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  • Lemo, you should join the 3rd-Party Script / App Testers group - - and post this in there too! I bet they will love it.
    Posted 6 years ago by phelps.mike Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I don't know if this would be easy...but the program doesn't like the party spaces much. Would there be a way to add them in there? Or would it be easier to say "You are off the map" for places like that?

    I was also wondering if there would be a way for people to add notes on a street that could be seen by other players (there is a ghost here, Dna top right, hidden door top left) stuff that could be shown on the street sreen... I know...probably a pain!

    and just 1 more thing ;) maybe a map key tab telling what each symbol stands for.
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  • @Puzz & Sweet
    Thx for the feedback guys, I appreciate that :]

    Yep I joined the App testers group last week
    But I just didn't feel like having multiple threads to follow on a single subject
    Or maybe I'll just post a message there to bring them here :p

    Those street notes are a good idea, but IIRC ghosts & dnas are quite different for every player,
    and the resource overlay already show locked doors in the "features"
    And it's probably to pain to handle indeed^^

    Ha party spaces
    I didn't test those with the Companion indeed, I'll have a look at this
    and the symbol tab
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  • it is kinda handy that it stays on your last road when you go to a party space though....that way you know where you will exit to if you forget.
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  • Yeah well I tested that yesterday, going to Toxic Moon
    I was afraid you'd get a blue line all over the screen, like it used to happen for special streets in my dev version ^^
    So if the current behaviour is fine for you, (as it is for me) then I'll probably let it this way :]
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  • again, this thing is great!!!
    Posted 6 years ago by phelps.mike Subscriber! | Permalink
  • it also doesn't like the hell locations...just fyi
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  • Yup, hell isn't in the API either
    Well it's not like you'd need to know where to find grapes anyway :p
    Thx for bumping this thread btw
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  • Downloaded.
    Wont work. 
    What do i do?!
    Clicked on folder
    Then what?!?!? 
    Posted 6 years ago by Sutton Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hmm I dunno, did you extract the zip archive already?
    Inside it, you basically get a folder, and a Glitchcom.exe to start the companion
    And if you're on a mac, it won't work as the description says
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  • This is the best thing I've ever seen.
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  • mmm...I thought hell would have been in the api with the multiple streets and all now. Maybe one of these days.
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  • Are the #'s for "last here" and "number of visits" in the api? 

    some streets (Lagan Lark) have too many things on them to fit in the window.
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  • Well I don't know, maybe it's in the API with or players.stats, but I can't access those methods because they need authentication (that screen where you allow a website to get access to your character), and I have no idea if it's possible to authenticate from a desktop app.

    Anyway, maybe other devs can tell us what you get with and players.stats?

    I'm using those two "open" methods, if you wanna have a look, or find some new ideas:

    About Lagan Lark, yeah I'm aware of the problem with those streets, but I didn't want to make the text any smaller
    And if I move everything up then the alignment for the "regular" street with less content feel too much on the top.
    But alright, I suppose I have to move it up anyway for next version :p

    Btw if you feel like helping, I could use some additional user-made screenshots for the description ;)

    @Jimothy Thanks^^
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  • I'm impressed with both the flexibility of AutoHotKey and your pretty awesome skills with it. Just saying.
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  • I'll get some good screen shots made up for ya!
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  • Thx guys ^^
    Btw & players.stats don't have the visit stats either
    I'll have a look at that "remote" authentication still, could be interesting if it works
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  • Aww, I want for Mac! I guess that I can use this on my netbook since it has Windows (evil) on it.  :P
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  • Yeah well it's not really that I like windows either (notice how I managed to escape the word until then :p), but it's the only thing that Autohotkey can export
    Btw I did some tests recently on Wine for Linux, and it works pretty well (just some graphic glitches with png transparency)
    Also, I'm now officially looking for a greasemonkey partner

    PS: new features coming soon
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  • Okay, so here comes Glitch Companion 3.0

    New Features
    -Travel book & street bookmarks
    Here you can save all your favorite, and most glitchiest streets you come to encounter in the worlds of Ur.
    The street preview come along with an assignable icon, and a notebook area for personal notes and details that you may want to remember about each place.
    Unlike the "teleport" menu, you get unlimited space for your needs.
    Each bookmark is accessible later to get you to destination.

    Minor updates
    -Following phelps.mike feedback, the street tab now got a more efficient display, the alignment and size of the font changes as the number of lines grows
    -Also, you now get a quick reference popup available (default ctrl+i) to check out the vendors icons

    -Zoom hotkeys!
    Try PageUp/PageDown or Numpad -/+ to get your view right in no time
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  • Ps: My connection is very unstable at the moment, couldn't test this much.
    Come guys and guls beta-test and tell me how things work :]
    Btw you can copy paste the content of streets.txt on pages like this to share bookmarks
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  • 3.0 will not work for me at all

    Error: "ERROR" is not a valid key name
    --->   line# 1086: Hotkey,%A_Loopfield%,Hkey

    The current thread will exit
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  • Nice!!!!
    Posted 6 years ago by phelps.mike Subscriber! | Permalink
  • @IrenicRhonda I did some tests with that and managed to reproduce the error by deleting the settings file
    Do you still have all the files in the same directory?
    Should be: Glitchcom.exe, Glitchcom.ahk, Gdip.ahk, Settings.ini, and a data folder
    Or you could try to download again if something went wrong in the transfer
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  • @Lemo: Thanks for everything, including making the Companion in the first place. I sing it 's praises and recommend it to everyone

    I cannot get it to work in the previous directory, and cannot delete all the files either.

    But I have extracted it onto my desktop and it works now.
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  • Glad you have it working now^^

    Weird thing that directory, maybe the path/adress was very long or you had special characters in some folder name?
    I noticed Autohotkey will keep running after dropping an error like that, have a look in your bottom-right task bar icons, and you'll probably be able to right-click>exit, then delete the files (or after a reboot anyway)
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  •  Lemo wrote: special characters in some folder name?

    No, the folder is called Glitch!

    I unzipped 3.0 and then deleted 2.1. Perhaps I deleted something that I  shouldn't have.

    I shall have another go at deleting the (damaged?) unwanted files but if I can't I will just ignore them ;-)
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  • Any actual feedback on the travel book thingie?

    I think I'm gonna have to post an update soon, there could be a "glitch" with the destination function, with a bad loop when the search fails.

    To get to destination can double-click or press enter on a street you have saved, and the map will open, type the street for you, and highlight it on the map, so you can teleport, set your destination, or just locate it.
    I had to use a crazy image-search process to find that search typing area in the map window, and it's not that reliable.
    So if you want to help, you may bump this request, which I believe is a five minutes fix for the devs
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  • Thx to mike for the bump (at least someone's following :p)

    New version guys!

    (If you already have 3.0, you can just replace Glitchcom.ahk/.exe, and in(on/off).png, keys(on/off).png, set(on/off).png, keys(on/off)screen, chat.png in the data folder)

    - I did some UI tweaks and added three buttons to replace the previous "keys on/off" one.
    You now get easier and direct access to hotkeys switch, settings, and info.

    - Added also support for a Greasemonkey launcher, so you don't have to worry about launching the app each time. The companion is launched automatically as you get into the game!
    Install the greasemonkey script with the following link (assuming you got Grease Monkey installed):
    Glitch Companion Launcher
    (Chrome users don't need GM and alternatives are available for other browsers:
    try "grease monkey + your_browser_name" on Google)
    All you have to do is launch the app once from the folder, so the browser knows where to find it on your drive.
    (If you're using Firefox, it may ask you to browse to it again once.)
    Next time the Companion pops in as you arrive on :]
    This script is based (99,9%) on Tuff's script, I just added the autorun and a button of mine if you wanna start the app later in-game. His script is definitely worth checking out, that's why I wanted to share it

    - To complete this no-worries, full-automatic release, I think I finally resolved the chatting/hotkey conflict.
    Now you won't have to worry if your hotkeys are on or off before chatting, as the app detects if the typing area is active or not, deactivating the hotkeys on the fly.
    Because the number of chat windows can change, I couldn't just monitor the "Tab" key as it's different whether you got one or two (IM,groups,...) typing areas. So I'm using here the same "crazy image-search process" mentionned in the previous post, to see if you got any yellow chattingbox going on.
    That's all for the tech details, now go get Glitch Companion 3.1 in the first post
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  • The Glitch Companion Group is now up and running
    Will update some guides and resources there, and hopefully keep track of the user base :p
    Join if you're using the app!
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  • I'm maxed on groups. Could I get an invite to the group?! Love this add-in, Lemo!!!
    Posted 6 years ago by Dr007 Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Sure you can ;)
    Btw I'm adding several funky screenshot features right now
    time to ask if you guys need something in particular
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  • ... Mine won't launch... I'm on Google Chrome, and I clicked on Glitchcom, and it didnt ever launch.
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  • I know, did you see my previous reply above?
    If nothing happens, it's quite likely that you're running on a mac...
    I'll change the description to something more obvious when the next update comes out
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  • This is too confusing. I have Glitch Companion 3.1, but that other thing, the launcher, i cant LAUNCH the launcher. Anyone else having the same problem.

    Hint: The Error says that windows is undefied
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  • Oh you cant LAUNCH the launcher, confusing stuff indeed :]

    This error happens when you try to run Glitchcom.user.js from your folders
    As detailed here, you need to install Greasemonkey before clicking on the link,
    this way it won't download the file, but rather install it in your browser

    If you have firefox, the direct link is here:
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  • Glitch Companion 3.5 is up
    Quite a huge step forward, as the number of lines in the code almost doubled (like the following description xd)
    Just in time for some Glitch Photography, get geared up and get the new companion!

    New features

    - Snapshotting II
    I included a whole array of screenshot options for this release, so you may keep memory of glitchy moments with ease and efficiency!
    For wide shots, you may still use the in-game camera, because it can record a lot more than the visible screen area. Also stoot mentioned upcoming changes to snapshotting, so let's keep an eye on it!
    Back to Glitch Companion, the tools tab now has a new (crowded) layout, with an additional area for these options.
    You basically get three camera icons there, and their associated hotkey:

    Burst mode [Printscreen]
    This is the default mode, the app automatically searches for the game area (without the minimap window) and grab a screenshot of it.
    You will get a single image if you press the key quickly, but keeping it down will activate the actual burst mode, saving a series of snaps at high-speed, just like the real deal (the "Lapse" option can be set to "0" for ultra-fast, or something like "5000" (5 secs) for timelapse-style shooting).
    Now you can't miss the perfect shot at the perfect moment.

    Crop mode [Control+Printscreen]
    If you want to focus on a particular area or a specific compositon, you don't need to fire your image editing software, as the companion will let you draw a custom area on screen to set up your next shot. Press Printscreen again to start shooting.

    Stereo mode [Control+Alt+Printscreen]
    Following this topic, I made it into a fully automated process, using the in-game camera (you need eyeballery). This is quite experimental, because the camera reacts randomly each time, even if the instruction stays the same, or depending of your hardware, or the will of the Giants (go here and protest). You may want to reload the game before to stay away from lag issues at least.
    Still, it can make some interesting shots, so just retry another time if the first shot isn't good!

    Imgur auto upload [Shift]
    Each of those modes can send their snaps to Imgur automatically, all you need to add the shift key along the other hotkeys (for ex Shift+Printscreen for a simple snap).
    You can also use the "upload" checkbox in the tools tab, which is independent from the shift hotkey.
    The "copy" checkbox sends the link to your clipboard, while "open" launches the imgur link in a new browser tab.

    The burst mode also comes along with an animated png generator.
    Check the "animate" box in the options, and you'll get a moving image from your series of shots (if there's more than 3 of them).
    I recommend setting the "Lapse" to something like 100 (for animation), and the "delay" (between each frame) to 100 for the general use, then you can experiment around that.
    The "clean" option deletes all the source snaps when the animation is complete.
    APNG is way better than animated gif imo, as it retains all the colors in your images.
    The compiling process may be a bit long, but there's a bung of optimization going on, and the file actually tend to be smaller than a gif equivalent.
    It's not a standard however, and only Firefox and Opera have native support. Chrome users can make it work with this plugin (or just search "apng+your-platform" on google).
    The Apng assembler is from Max Stepin, and you can download other apng related tools here.

    A few snaps demo
    burst: cebarkul
    crop: a few portraits
    stereo: floating islands
    anim: lizards no-no rook

    - Quick slots
    Also known as Quick Sloths (had a few bugs because of those seriously :p), you get 12 action hotkeys (F1 to F12) to set up your favorite commands.
    This is mainly to access items in your inventory pretty fast, so won't have to search for ages for that random kindness thingie, while your mate has already left to another street.
    It uses the in-game inventory search (hotkey Shift+F or just "+F" in autohotkey language), but with a more visual or fast approach, as you don't have to type anything.
    For example, for the random kindness, you'd set "+F,kind,{Enter}" (or "+F,kind,{Enter},e" to bestow directly).
    Each word is sent to the game, and each comma is a 200msec wait to let the UI react.
    Actually, this let you type any command you like, it doesn't have to be just three words.
    For example, you can set a quick slot for the /home command: "{Tab},/home", or anything you can think of.
    You may want to try all this at /home first, just in case you don't drop any icon by accident :p
    Hit Control+Q (or Shift Click on the hotkey button) to open the panel, it is just like the main window, and can be drag where you like over the game UI.
    Control Click any of the slots to edit both the command and the icon.
    I didn't want any icon library for ALL the items in glitch, so I'm just using the brand new snapshot functions to grab any part of the game screen! (it's pretty fun to play with actually)
    All you have to do is to move around the small window over an item in your inventory, and hit the Snap! button. The companion will crop the box automatically if a slot is detected.
    If you set a quick slot to something else than your inventory, you can also snap anything you like!

    - Auto update
    I'm doing a lil checkup everytime the app starts, and if a new version is detected, it will be downloaded and installed automatically.
    Actually it's just the excutable/ahk for now, but I should be able to also transfer updated graphics later :]

    Now you guys better leave a bit of feedback !
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  • The Glitch Companion now has its own Webspace, got a bunch of ideas for that one
    (I could use some help with Python and Google app engine, leave me a message if your in)
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  • I get this error for the quick slots:

    Error: Invalid option.
    Specifically: x y w736 h73
    2605: Gui, 6:Show, %Slotspos% w736 h73, Companion Slots
    The current thread will exit.
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  • Hmm looks like the app can't read the Settings.ini
    Did that happen at first launch, or can I reproduce the error somehow?
    Do you still have that file in the same folder? Or maybe you kept it from a previous version?
    When you open that settings file, you should have a line with "Slotspos="
    If you still have the issue, close the app and try to change it to Slotspos=x1 y1
    This setting keep tracks of the window position for next launch, here it should launch at the top left for example.

    Btw for 3.1 users, you can keep your Notes and Streets.txt from the previous version
    You could also copy your maps and streets folder in data/ but the app will redownload those anyway when necessary
    All of this should be more simple from now on with the auto updating companion
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  • Well, whatever it was went away, so never mind.

    But, the quick slots don't really work. Clicking 12, which should activate /home, put /home into the address bar. I'm using Chrome.
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  • Yes the default commands won't necessarily fit your needs
    I prefer hitting Enter manually after /home is in the chat bar (mostly because my connection sucks atm and I don't wanna suffer loading times if I click there by mistake...)
    If you want to get there directly, just change it to {Tab},/home,{Enter}
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  • So, you got everything working fine now?

    As a side note, I edited the quickslots description a bit to make things a bit more clear:
    "" is only for french keyboards, so if you have a US keyboard, it should be (I suppose) like: "~,kind,{Enter}"
    Also the default quickslots in the app are now blank.
    According to that topic, here is what we got as inventory search hotkey:
    -US? : ~
    -FR :
    -iMac : <
    Would be nice if someone can confirm it works, or if you have another layout you can post here also.

    Looks like I'm gonna have to make that video demo, people get scared with those blocks of text :\
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  • Not working for me at all :-(

    On firefox, I have and use greasemonkey
    I installed AutoHotkey, and it is running
    I installed the gm script, and it is enabled

    When I load the game I get a pop-up message:
        Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the
        protocol (glitchcom) isn't associated with any program
    and then the game continues without ... anything extra

    I do see line 11 in your code, but I guess something is missing somewhere.
    what do you suggest?
    should I just go change line 64 to"window.location.href","destSink");
    (and why is no one else seeming to have this problem?)
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  • Sorry you had to investigate that much!

    The launcher is quite optional, does the app run fine when you simply click on Glitchcom.ahk or exe?
    Actually you have to launch the main app (the Glitch Companion 3.5 - 1.1Mo link) once from the folder, so the browser knows where to find it on your drive (and register the glitchcom protocol).
    And with Firefox especially, it may ask you the first time to browse once again to Glitchcom.exe, even when the protocol is registered...
    Also, in the case of the launcher, the version that gets launched is the .exe not the .ahk, so you don't necessarily need autohotkey installed

    Thx for testing, tell me how it all goes :]
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  • so .... the greasemonkey script on its own is not enough.  That wasn't clear to me. I thought it was an either/or situation.

    I'll download the main program and see ...
    downloaded the program, ok
    ran it ("first time"), found my character, all ok
    started glitch, same pop-up error message, but the program seems to work, but not hot-keys (only tested on chickens)
    That is, with "keys off", nothing special happens (as expected), with "keys on" pressing "q" opens the chicken menu, but does not do the action. pressing "q" a second time does the action

    closed the program, disabled greasemonkey script
    double-clicked Glitchcom.ahk, got error message
      Error at line 753
      Line text: global WS_EX_Layered, WS_EX_NOACTIVE
      Error: This line does not contain a recognized action. 
      The program will exit.

    that was once with FF closed, and once with the game open

    restarting the program (exe file), though, seems to work
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  • Yeah the launcher was introduced with 3.1, simply to popup the Companion when you open the game.
    The only either/or situation is between the standalone .exe or the source .ahk with Autohotkey installed.
    I would have liked a full Greasemonkey app too, and you can see multiple references to this in that thread, or a call for partner over there. But I pretty much don't know any javascript, and a bunch of the latest features, like the quickslots, or the snapshot tools especially are for sure not possible with a simple browser extension. So I think we're definitely going away from the full GM possibility.

    About the hotkeys, it all depends on your connection and latency.
    Like I'm saying in the quick-guide (2nd top post), there is an option called "delay" in the settings. The default 200ms should be pretty fine for everyone, but you may have to set it to 300ms or more if you want to be sure it works every time.
    In the game, after you select a chicken, the client has to load some data for the menu (and the "state" of the chicken I suppose), and it's generally longer the first time you interact with an item.
    That's why the timer may have been slightly too short the first time.
    But from my tests, it rarely fails at 200ms, even with a poor connection.

    I'm not getting that error @line 753 here, not sure what's happening
    But thx for mentioning it because that's an old command I don't need anymore
    I removed it from Glitchcom.ahk, and you can get the modified one from here to see if the error disappears
    Thx for the detailed feedback :]
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  • I have a question: How do you install it? Are you supposed to extraxt it?
    Posted 6 years ago by ?Cookie Raider? Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Uh oh. Double posted by accident.
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  • Yep, there is no "installer", just extract the zip where you like
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