(Closed) Volunteers Needed for Phase II of Super Top-Secret Experiment!

Updated: Phase II is now closed. Thanks again, everyone! No more snapshots needed. Results will be published soon™! 


Updated: Phase II will close tomorrow (Thursday), June 14, at 12 noon Eastern Time. 

Thanks to everyone who participated!


(P.S. That is the end of the update. You can stop reading now.)


Original Post:

Phase 1 of this groundbreaking project was so secret that all evidence of it has been destroyed and all involved in it have been sworn to utmost secrecy, and even so, every so often one of them turns up dead.

But Phase II is open to the public, and this is your big chance to participate in a super mysterious double-blind Sirentific experiment!* 

Participation in Phase II, which so far has a much lower death rate, takes about ten minutes and requires you to temporarily change the appearance of your Glitch and then take a snapshot of yourself in Inari Deeps. That’s it!

More detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1: View this control image and change your Glitch’s appearance to match it as closely as possible, without matching it exactly. 

Do not change your facial features. In addition to having facial features, your appearance must deviate from the control image in at least one way. If you make the clothes match exactly, then you must have a different hairstyle or skin color or hair color. If you make both your skin and hair options match exactly, then you must change at least one part of the clothing. The idea is to make your Glitch look as much like the control image as possible, without looking exactly like it.

Edited to add: For people coming back here from future projects to re-read the original information, all you have to do is keep your facial features. Never mind the rest. Also, I think it's cool someone from the future is reading this. Actually, technically, I'm from the future, too! Since I'm adding this edit six months after the fact or whatever. Hey, pssst, people from the past!  Here's a tip: the minute we shift to iMG, do everything you can to get your quoin multiplier as high as you can for as long as you can. They will put a cap on it after a week or so but in that time you can level all the way to sixty and get your iMG up into the tens of millions and then TAKE OVER THE WORLD. 

Step 2: Go to Inari Deeps in Chakra Phool and take a snapshot of yourself there, using the in-game snapshot feature. 

Each snapshot must be at normal (100%) zoom, with no filter effects, and must have a caption indicating that you’re willing to have it used in this experiment.

Edited to add: Turns out it doesn't matter if you zoom or not. So those who like to zoom out, go ahead! Also, for time travelers, no caption necessary.

Step 3: Come back to this thread and post a reply indicating you’ve published a snap. 

* It’s possible that this description improperly uses scientific-sounding phrases to give the project an aura of mystery and legitimacy.



(You don't have to read the rest of this unless you have questions about the stuff above.)


I don’t have a subscription. Can I still participate?
Absolutely. For this version of the experiment, all the vanity options are free.

This version? Are there going to be more?
Maybe. It depends on how well this one goes.

Can you say more about that?

But I changed my skin or hair to a subscriber option when I had the free trial and if I change it again, I’ll never get it back unless I pay for a subscription!
You don’t have to change your skin or hair at all — you can just put on a matching outfit.

Edited to add: For time-travelers, note that with the new "looks" feature this is no longer a problem. Your previous look will be automatically saved, even if it contains subscriber-only options that are now no longer available to you because your trial subscription lapsed.

If my skin or hair are different from the picture, do I have to make my clothing different from the picture, too?
Nope. You just have to have at least one difference from the control picture. It can be a clothing difference or a skin or hair difference, as long as one thing is different. The idea is to get as close to the picture as possible without being exactly the same. 

Why can’t I change my facial features?
That is top secret information and if I told you I’d have to kill you.

I’m a subscriber. Can I use subscriber-only options, including ones that cost credtis, for clothes and vanity?

Why do I have to post a reply on this thread in addition to taking the snapshot? 
It's a failsafe measure to make sure everyone who wants to participate gets accounted for.

Why did you pick Inari Deeps?
Because it has a lot of cool things for people to pose on.

Can I submit more than one snapshot?
Yes, but there’s no guarantee that they will all be used.

Can I have someone else take a snapshot of me?

What if I get some friends together and we all dress up and take group shots. Will you accept those?

Can I submit a link to a screenshot instead?
No. All images must be snapshots taken from within the game using the in-game snapshot feature.


But I haven’t gotten the snapshot upgrade card yet!
You can have a friend with the upgrade take a snapshot of you.

Can I be jumping around or making faces or do I just have to go stand somewhere in Inari Deeps?
Jumping and making faces and doing other things that are not just standing around is awesome and encouraged.

What if I want to just go stand there and NOT jump around or make faces?
That’s cool too.

Does it matter where in Inari Deeps I am when I take the picture?
Nope. You might want to try to pose in an unusual way or in an unusual spot, though.

Are there any rules about how to take the snapshot?
Yes. It has to be at normal (100%) zoom, using the in-game snapshot feature.

What if I forget and my snapshot is zoomed out?
Then it will be ignored and there will be sneering at your inability to follow simple directions.

But I like taking zoomed-out shots. Why does the zoom have to be at 100%?

Edited to add: Oh all right; you win. You can take zoomed-out snapshots if you want. There will be no sneering, and your snapshot will count.

How do I submit my snapshot?

All you have to do is publish it. It should appear automatically in the list of snapshots on the location page for Inari Deeps.

Do I have to write any special caption for the snapshot?
Yes. Write something like: “For the Top-Secret Experiment.” 

Why do I have to caption it?
So it will be clear that you’re giving permission to have your image used. 

What if I forget to caption it?
Then you can go back and edit it to add a caption.

What if I don’t caption it exactly that way? What if I write “For Experiment” instead? Will that count?
Yes, that will count.

What if I caption it “Pantyhose and Sprockets”?

“Pantyhose and Sprockets for the Experiment”?
That would be acceptable. As long as you work the word “experiment” in there it should be fine.

What if I caption it “Do Not Use this Snapshot for the Top-Secret Experiment,” huh? What about that? That contains the word “experiment.”
A snapshot with that title will not be used, and the person posting it will have her or his name permanently added to the “Totally Annoying People” list.

What does it mean, exactly, for me to give permission for you to “use” my image? Are you going to change it somehow? Are you going to PhotoShop me into some sort of embarrassing situation? I don’t want to be portrayed in compromising arrangements with chickens or piggies or other Glitches, for example. 
Your appearance will not be altered in any way, and there will be no attempts to embarrass anyone. If you submit a snapshot of yourself humping a piggy, however, and give permission for it to be used, it is possible it will be used.  Probable, even.

Edited to add: (for time-travelers) Never mind the captioning stuff. Posting on the thread counts as permission enough. Even if you post to say "I am not giving you permission!" Go ahead. Try me.

What if there are other people in Inari Deeps at the same time? I mean normal people who aren’t trying to be part of the experiment. 
That’s okay. All that will matter is you.

What if I make myself look completely different from the picture instead of trying to look similar?
Then your name will be added to the “Totally Annoying People” list and you will be disqualified from being a part of the final results. Plus, you’ll have a little black mark on your soul for all eternity.

Edited to add: (for time travelers) This is no longer true. See current Bruce thread for more information. If you were originally someone who did this, though, the black mark is still there.

Will I get some sort of compensation for participating? Like a prize or a gift? Is this a contest?
No prizes or gifts or compensation, other than the satisfaction we’ll all (hopefully) get from the final results.

This sounds like a pain in the butt. I think I should be compensated for volunteering.
I think you should go look up the verb “volunteer” and then reconsider your desire to participate.

Do you guarantee that if I do this, you’ll use my snapshot?
No. But if you’ve met the basic criteria of 1) keeping your usual facial features and 2) making your Glitch look as similar as possible to the control picture, then it’s extremely likely your snapshot will be used.

Will I get credit for participating?
Yes. All volunteers will be listed and thanked, and there will be fantastic parade visualizations and accolades for those who dress or pose themselves in some particularly clever way or another. 

Ooh, cool! Wait … what’s a parade visualization?
It’s when I visualize a parade in your honor, complete with floats and marching bands and confetti.

What if I don’t want to be credited? What if I want to participate anonymously?
Then you should write me a mail message to that effect, and if your snapshot is used, your wishes will be respected. You may, however, be flagged as appropriate for the “Slightly Annoying People” list.

How long will you be accepting snapshots?
Until enough people have submitted snapshots.

How many people is that?
I don’t know. Maybe thirty? Fifty?

What? You don’t know?
This is the very first Phase II of the very first attempt to perform this experiment. There’s a bit of playing it by ear. 

What’s the point of this experiment?
Not telling.

Who else besides you is behind this?
Not telling.

Well, are you going to EVER tell? I don’t want to play if I’m never going to find out what this is for.
Yes. It will all become clear in time.

How much time?
Two weeks™.

Can you at least give a hint as to what this is all about?
No. If I did, I’d have to kill you.

Okay, can you say what it’s NOT about?
It’s not about testing your ability to follow directions without asking seventeen million questions. It’s also not about velociraptors, brain-eating parasites, or mummified frogs.

Why should I participate in something when you keep withholding information and insulting me and making death threats?
Because think of the alternative. Remember how Decca turned down the chance to sign on the Beatles? How M&Ms refused the opportunity to have their candy appear in the movie E.T.?  How, a week and a half after the company was formed, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for 800 dollars? You don’t want to be the next Ronald Wayne.

This is really weird and stupid and I don’t want to do it.
You are hereby disqualified from participating. Please be sure to NOT publish a snapshot for consideration.


If you have any other questions, or wish to be a part of this super cool event, post below! Thanks for reading. Even though it was really long.

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