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Scarlett Bearsdale

I don't have words to describe what this game has meant to me. I learned so much about myself while playing, and I practiced being the person I want to be, the best version of myself, while in Ur. I was braver here, and I attempted to do things that I would have been far too afraid to try IRL - at least, back then. I grew a lot while being a fuzzy little muppet, and I earned myself a new Internet identity in the meantime. I am so grateful that I had friends who pointed me to this game, and for the many,many friends I made while playing. Some of these carry over into my life now, many of you I see on FB, and the rest I will carry in my heart. I plan to weave bedtime stories for my children out of the threads of Ur, sing goodnight groddle to them at night, and teach them the lessons of the giants. I will always be a glitch at heart. I love you all. A long time ago, eleven giants walked around, and thought of mant things until their thinking came alive. And that's what this game was, we were inside their thoughts. Now go and make your world bigger and we'll play for a long while. <3

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Status update
Theremina Lute

Well put, SB, I feel so much the same way. Take care of yourself!

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