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Rough day today . . . I am so not ready to leave Ur behind, I don't know how, all I know is tonight I am not letting go of the tiny speck of hope that will see me return to Ur one day . . . am I nuts . . . yeah most likely, but I think its more I'm a dreamer and something as beautiful as Glitch is something worth holding close. I cannot pass through the grey veil yet if I close my eyes, the darkess slowly fades and there upon my yeti bed my old emo bear is waiting, I feel his soft fur as I pick him up, frowning at the red lips, they still look out of place to me, and yet it is the same face I saw everyday whenever a hug was given . . . and ohh I feel the warmth of that hug. When I look around I find a room filled with friends . . . yes we are shadows now but so strong was the love we shared here that even now when we dream Ur remembers us . ..

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9 replies
  1. Brib Annie

    I feel the same way. I thought losing FS was hard but this is a killer. I did see a link here today to this: It is so nuts! Reminded me a little of Glitch though it is nothing at all like it. It is a puzzle game. Gave me some great smiles for the short time I played the demo.

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  2. Minkey

    I wish I could lift the veil for you!!...or, at least, make it a light green veil... I miss it, too

  3. Tradescantia

    Oh, Faereluth, I so know how you feel. I miss Glitch terribly. Every day I come in, hoping against hope to see the sign up saying "enter" and every day my heart sinks.

  4. Mal'akh

    I don't think any of us want to leave it behind.

  5. phelps.mike

    You were the first person I talked to in the game! I'm glad you are still here!

  6. Osiris χ

    I know what you mean :( and you're not crazy at all. We all hope for a return to Ur. Remember remember the 9th of December. The Giant's forget, but we will remember.

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  7. Mocha Maid

    You're not alone! I want to go back SO MUCH.....

  8. Cassandria

    Fae, you lit up Glitch for me with your imagination. We WILL go back! One day! We will remember. :)

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  9. Fernstream

    I feel the same way... And you've expressed it so beautifully. (((((Hugs)))))

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Status update

I wish I could lift the veil for you!!...or, at least, make it a light green veil... I miss it, too

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