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I'd like to goodbye to all the friends I had in Glitch and Faunasphere, and to all those others who I never had the chance to know. I love you all and I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere on the net. I'm a bit choked, but God bless you. ps folow my YouTube channe snygystFS. I have more stuff to post when the mod takes me.

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4 replies
  1. Marla

    {{{HUGS}}} and love to you too snygyst. Sincere hopes that we can meet again.

  2. Minkey

    as one of those others you never had the chance to know, I say "goodbye, farewell and all that good stuff!! I'll always think of your name as Synergist, because I'm like that. I was always reading posts without sounding things out properly, that's how it goes I guess. have fun!

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Status update
Theremina Lute

*hug* Take care, Snygyst. We'll meet again :)

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