Celebrate Glitchmas early - have fun til the end!

We love this game. We love having fun in this game. So why not have fun right up to the very last minute rather than feel sad for 3 or 4 weeks. Having fun and enjoying every aspect that this game has to offer is the best way I know how to show all the staff at Tiny Speck just how much I appreciate all of their hard work, innovation and imagination. And what better way to have fun than to celebrate Glitchmas early? You just can't be sad at Glitchmas. So lets celebrate Glitchmas on the 25th November. And then carry on to ring in the new year the week after that! We can make Glitchmas great! We can create Glitchmas feasts. Have fun harvesting with lots of friends gathering for the preparations. Hold mass chicken squeezing events to gather all the grain needed for the copious amounts of alcohol that will be drunk over Glitchmas. Get friends together and cook, blend and transmogrify; skill sharing so that lower level glitch can contribute and join in the fun. We can use notes as Christmas cards. Camphor, salt and sparkly as snow. Cherries and spinach as holly. The possibilities are endless and the fun is bound to be phenomenal .... this is Glitch after all!!! I have made a public group for anyone who would like to chat with others getting ready for an early Glitchmas

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