Murder Mystery NOW CLOSED! Solution posted (with photos!) and winner announcement. PLUS ALL TOWER FURNITURE FOR SALE - 50-500c EACH

Venus Muufo was murdered! I asked the citizens of Ur to visit my tower and crack the case. Thanks to your help, we now know exactly what happened that night...
Gwendolyn killed Venus in the study with the fancy pick.  Earlier that day Venus called Gwendolyn to brag about her latest treasure, a Nyanite necklace that Gwendolyn herself had her heart set on. Venus knew this was Gwendolyn's goal and flaunted the possession anyway, which was the last straw for Gwen.

Gwendolyn was tired of Venus taking everything from her so easily because of her inherited fortune. Gwen planned her revenge for the night of the party.

During dinner, Venus bragged about her necklace and Gwen became even more furious. Helga and the Rube were flirting, angering Friendly. His anger left a residue of Friendly acid in his chair. The Rook, seated between the Rube and Helga, was extremely annoyed and on the verge of attack.

After dinner, Helga summoned the Rube (with rubeweed essence) for a rendezvous on the terrace. The magic rock was bored and watched the fish in the lounge. The rook stayed in the dining room, trying not to attack. Friendly, Gwendolyn, Smuggler, and Venus had drinks in the ballroom. While Venus and Smuggler flirted, Gwendolyn grilled Friendly about the family vault and Venus, looking for something she could use. 

When Venus left for the bathroom and Friendly went down to the lounge, drunk, Gwendolyn used the opportunity to get something from Smuggler. She drugged him with laughing gas and Amorous Philtre, luring him into Venus' dark bedroom, pretending to be her. She asked him for the mirror piece and he said he didn't have it, which was true. It was upstairs, waiting to be presented as a gift. Gwen had no time, the potion was going to wear off and she left in a fury, tearing a pillow with her fancy pick. 

Gwen went to the observatory, where she found the gift, and began to look further for clues. She found the vault behind the loveseat and cracked it with her pick, but the necklace was not inside. She knew she had to get it from Venus herself, so she decided to swap Venus' drink for one with plums in it. She whipped up a cosma-politan in the observatory, stashing the scraper she used to get the ice behind the chair.

She asked Venus to show her the necklace, and as they walked down to the study venus was unknowingly drinking plum juice. When venus showed her the necklace, Gwen grabbed it, causing Venus to shout. But her throat and lips were starting to swell, and she was soon unable to speak. There was a struggle, which was heard by the meal vendor downstairs. He only heard one pair of footsteps because Gwen is a ghost. 

Gwen ended the fight with her fancy pick, hitting Venus in the head, causing her swollen lips to fall to the floor. Her blood seeped through the creaky floorboards to the kitchen below. The necklace broke as well.

Gwen rushed downstairs and began to bury Venus to hide the evidence, but couldn't finish before the Greeterbot returned. She abandoned the scene and rushed back upstairs to feign innocence.

Now, Venus is a ghost, too. Look out, Gwen!

Everyone had great guesses! The creativity was incredible. Some of my favorite incorrect guesses:
-I was the murderer, organizing this whole contest to point the blame at someone else
-Hell's Bartender killed Venus, because he's secretly her father and wants to be together again
-The Rube killed Venus, offering her a trade of her life for the Necklace
-The Rube and Helga threw Venus off of the Terrace to get her inheritance
-Venus was killed with the Pleasing Amber, the missing gem from her collection
-Venus committed suicide
-The rook attacked because Venus forgot to get rook balm
-Friendly put plums in Venus' cosmo to prevent her from revealing the Helga/Rube affair, accidentally kiling her.
-Venus was crushed by the statue in the hall, causing the hole in the ground.
-Strangled with the necklace by the rube

I know I'm forgetting some great feel free to post your theories in here if I missed yours!
There were quite a few correct guesses too, but the biggest prizes are going to those who were also able to figure out some of the other events leading up to the murder. There were two in particular that really stood out, and it was a tough decision.

That said, I'd like to congratulate Neixik as the grand prize winner, for not only getting the 3 essential elements correct (who, where, how), but getting most of the back story as well. Well done! I've sent your funpickle via mail. 

The runner-up is Dark Daphne, who also had a correct guess with most of the other events, only missing the part about Gwen drugging the smuggler. I've sent you the Nyanite necklace that Gwendolyn and Venus were fighting over. Keep it safe and watch out for vengeful ghosts!

Second runner-up is bayBi, for another correct guess with some of the other events. I am sending you a rook cubimal.

I didn't anticipate so many winners! Great job everyone!

Thanks so much to every who played and made this worthwhile. I really setting this up and interacting with you as it went on. It was fun to occasionally pop in and see a group of your sleuthing together. I enjoyed reading your theories and giving you my most valuable items! Now let's go enjoy our last week in Glitch! :) I will miss this!



-Behind first pillar: Greeterbot interview (reveals that he found venus in the hole with no blood)
-Shovel and hole, implies that it was dug, not created by falling Venus or statue
-Family history (creates motives for several guests, reveals reason for venus' wealth)
-Gnome and Steve O'Lantern interviews (useless)

-Uncle Friendly interview: Reveals someone was asking about Venus' favorite drink and where the vault is. Killer's motive could be her collection.
-Magic Rock interview: Reveals Gwen was upset by Venus' bragging during dinner.
-Spindle: Red herring. Unrelated.

-Interview with meal vendor hidden behind flowers: reveals there was a fight upstairs, he heard one voice (Venus couldn't speak) and one pair of footsteps (Gwen is a ghost). The floorboards are old, so the sound (and blood) came through.
-Blood dripping from ceiling

-On top shelf behind fish: Note: if only fish could talk. Ambiguous clue...but they are the only witnesses to the murder.
-To-do list on computer: reveals a lot of Venus' plans for the day and what she got done.
-Nyanite necklace is broken and has moved. There was a fight.
-Fancy pick and lips. Venus was attacked in the mouth.
-Interview with Rube: He came here to saw goodbye 

Dining room:
-Rook interview: Reveals Helga/Rube affair
-Friendly acid: Friendly was mad.
-Diary page in fire: Reveals that Venus knows Gwen is jealous.
-Seating arrangement (behind pink chair)

-Photos in camera: Reveal that laughing gas and amorous philtre were not there before party, necklace has moved. Venus is an narcissistic egomaniac.
-Laughing gas and amorous philtre: used to subdue the smuggler
-Fiber: pillow was torn by Gwen when she left.
-Brush, flower: Belong to Venus, were at her vanity in the photo.
-Interview with smuggler: He is delirious.
-Interview with pink bear: Witnessed Gwen trying to trick smuggler


-Party staff: list under lava lamp
-Interview with Sloth: He was playing loud music when everyone but Friendly had left the room. Made it hard to hear what was going on nearby.
-Interview with Hell's Bartender: Reveals he didn't make the cosmo, it's not on the menu. He worked this party as a favor to Venus. (I love the theory that he was her dad, so let's just say it's true ok? haha)

-Cosma-politan ingredients (fruity juice has plums)
-Unwrapped gift from smuggler to Venus
-Empty vault behind loveseat
-Focusing orb: Irrelevant. Maybe Gwen used it to get in the zone.
-Interview with Gwen (behind ghost) - A hint of jealous in her testimony about Venus
-Scraper behind chair, from ice for cosmo

-Plate of beans, high class hoe: irrelevant. Unless you want to see a metaphor.
-Helga interview: She was up here with a friend (her lover, the Rube, as summoned with the essence on the table)

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  • GREAT guesses are coming in, but no one has gotten it quite right yet! Look closely for clues...some are very well hidden, and some of the information you will have to fill in between the lines. 

    All sleuths will get a prize, but it may be delayed because I will be traveling today.
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  • Can we try more than one guess if we found further clues ? In any case, it's super well done and I had a blast I'll probably come try again in a little while. Congrats and thanks for sharing this
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  • Sure, go for it! :) I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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  • I will likely go add a little more backstory and clues as well, because I'm realizing I forgot a few pieces I meant to include! Not sure how much it will help, but I will definitely add a little more as I start to see how people are responding.

    (I'll be sure to update this thread once changes have been made, in case anyone wants to go back and check out the additional clues)
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  • Oh GOODY!!!  I'm so happy that Glitch is being Glitchy right up to the end! This is exactly the sort of thing I love about this game.
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  • That was really fun. :) I don't know if my guess was totally right but it was a blast talking about the clues with others in there.
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  • At the airport now, will have to check everyone's theories later! I will send you a message with your prize and tell you approximately how right you were. I will post the complete solution in this forum post after the game closes, so not to spoil it for anyone! Have fun guessing until then!
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  • mmm not sure i have them right either, but i enjoyed the challenge :)
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  • UPDATE: I have added a few clues and expanded others. There are now interviews with everyone at the party, and some bits of information I meant to include are now there as well.
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  • Just bumping this. The tower is fabulous- To anyone who hasn't visited yet- you simply must visit Miss Peacock's murder mystery tower. Go be Sherlock for a while lol
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  • This was a lot of fun! I can't check on the updated clues do to being out of town for the holidays, so good luck everyone able to join in now!
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  • BUMP as I am now offering my funpickle as part of the grand prize
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  • OH my I can't wait to do this (after 5pm because I have a paper due). Looks great, Miss Peacock :D
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  • I sent you a message because I was hoping for clarification on one of the clues (though I also understand if you can't tell me). I think I have figured it out, for real this time!
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  • Change of plans! I am giving out the final prize(s) December 1st, and posting the solution then! Hurry up please its time! There have been some amazing guesses...some better than the actual solution!
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  • Ends tomorrow at at 4pm Pacific time! Solution will be posted here, winner(s) will be given their prizes. Last chance!
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  • Full of possible spoilers, embarrassing geekery on my part, I never did found out for certain who did it.
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  • That's awesome! It's still open a few more hours if you want to take a stab at it! :)
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  • I was not nearly that organized when I made it, so you could probably find a few holes in the story! (It's been done once already, and I gave them an extra prize for the help)
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  • Mrs Peacock, time to admit it, you killed her in the Billiard Room with the Candlestick! Didn't u? lol

    Joking aside, i loved your tower....please leave it like it is for a day or so cause I would love to capture a photo of it before the end. Thanks

    And all your hard work paid off in the end- you succeeded in created many Glitchy sleuths out of us xx
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  • I'm leaving it up! Just took out a few of the items as prizes. :) Clues and such will remain!
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  • That was such a fun & well though out event! So many hours of preparation must have gone into making this mystery. Congrats & thank you Mrs. Peacock for doing this to amuse us all!
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  • Ahh that was so clever! I was way off the mark. Unfortunately I missed two huge clues: Venus' diary and the safe in the observatory! (HOW did I miss the safe? I even went looking for it!) I also wish I had put two and two together and realized the one pair of footsteps clue. It was confusing me but I figured Venus had been knocked out by the laughing gas and whoever killed her had carried her to the was the best I could do lol. Anyway, thanks so much for putting this together! It was so much fun and I loved reading the whole story (and all the crazy guesses!)

    edit: I went back and the safe wasn't visible after all, so I'm not totally crazy xD There would have been no way to know it was there, right?
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  • I put the focusing orb on the loveseat in front of the safe so that if you stood and tried to select it, you would see the safe as well. But it was tough to catch. Apparently if you use info mode though, all is revealed!
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  • Ahh I didn't even think of info mode! I didn't think of a lot of things .__.;;;; /bad detective
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  • Thank you for running this, it was a lot of fun!
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  • This was a totally amazing puzzle! It was so fun to investigate -- and your care and cleverness in arranging the clues was absolutely awesome. Thank you SOO much for doing this!
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  • Thanks for all the sweet feedback, everyone! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)
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  • Venus Muufo's home was seized by the police and her belongings are now being sold at dirt cheap prices! Get 'em while they're still there! 50-500 c a pop for upgraded furniture!
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