just curious,  any one found any thing good  to play? 

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  • @Wynella Hay Day looks really cute but it looks like I have to have an iphone or an android phone.  Is that right or am I reading it incorrectly?
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  • @Daisy Blooms: From the minimal research I just did, yes. It looks as though you need an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPad, etc.). 
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  • Miramagia, Big Farm, and Onverse...I'm KitchWitch on all of 'em. Just filled out the alpha-questionnaire for magefaire, and looking forward to trying that out. 

    I'm really enjoying Onverse...I'd be much more bereft of Glitch without it. It's by-and-large a younger community (minimum age is 13), but there are some of us older players too. It's a 3-D sim game, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. There are a variety of animal mounts (animals you can ride on) such as dragons, lions, unicorns, butterflies and pigs, as well as several animal "pets" (yes, pet pigs too). You can have properties on the beach, in the forest, and on the moon...I'm currently building my dream home in the forest. There's questing, but no combat, except for fun competitions like splatball and snowball fights. Lots of clothing customizations for your avatar, and decorating/building options. Would love to see more Glitchen there!
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  • Hmmm, I forgot Onverse. I enjoyed messing about there but didn't really know how to add friends. In fact I didn't really know what I was doing. 
    Now trying out Wander.. don't know what I'm doing there either :)
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  • Animal Crossing!
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  • Um, I am still here. No other games :P
    Attempting to achieve IRL 
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  • I just sit here playing freecell and listening to songza :(
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  • After reading this thread I've started playing triple town and happy street. I'm Jello's Landscaping on iOS Game Center, let's be pals!
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  • Back to Big Fish games , the quiet ,miss the chatting of others sometimes.They are a wonderful Co, gives me many Beta games to try and that is fun. There is a  survey after all of them and they treat their cliental wonderful with their chat line to staff.Much cheaper than Glitch playing and will wait for Mage Faire to see if it will bring about circles of friends I truly hope.
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  • HBM to fill the Glitch twitch void
    Waiting to play magefaire.
    Missing all my bear hugs and kisses esp from Rutger
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  • I've just found 'Don't starve' (dontstarve-release.appspot....) in Chrome. It doesn't have the social or relaxing aspects but for the hunter/gatherer/strategist I would recommend it greatly. Obviously, it doesn't compare to our glorious Glitch :(
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  • Oh syngyst come back, come back to Onverse! It's a hoot, you'll love it. I haven't checked out Wander yet, but I'm curious...between that and magefaire, I'm sure the bases will be covered. :)

     But oh my Onverse...I do just love it. Oh I should edit my above post to read: ETA...add to the list of mounts RAINBOW UNICORNS!!! Omg, when I won one the other night, my mouth just dropped open. I had no idea they even existed, so when I saw the server message, I was like, "Huh??? I won a what...a RAINBOW UNICORN???" So I went and checked my inventory, and lo and behold...guess what? Say it with me now...a YOU KNOW WHAT!!! It's a mount, and I can ride around on it....I was SO thrilled! Of course I wanted to show it off, so I went to the hub and pranced my new treasure around a bunch of 13 yr-olds, cuz they were the only folks online who I could show off offense to our younger Glitchen! ;) 

    So yah, I REALLY want to see some of us older Glitchen on Ov...what do I have to do, beg? Show you some vids or pics? That will entail work on my part...I'm drunkish and signed off for the night...but if you REALLY want to see my rainbow unicorn, maybe I'll go on briefly to take a pic. If so, I'll hyperlink it somewhere in this text. If not, just know I loves you, and wish you were here!

    PS - There's a boycott going for BFG because of the way they handled FS. If you want a game site like it, try iwin. That's what I used...sorry for all the text-speak. :p
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  • HI KitchWitch (hicsh)
    I'l take another (falls on floor, staggersback to puter) look at Onversh when I'sh put my skeleton dragon ride and pet dragon too shleep and had a quick go at Wander. I got a Tortoish called Ugly Blair ash well (throws up over keyboard).
    ps haven't played a BFG game for 2 years and 3 days.
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  • Oi, watchyou mean by older?, :P
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  • I love your rainbow unicorn!!
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  • I'm not playing any games right now.  It's done wonders for my knitting/cross-stitch time.  I've been able to finish so many projects!Eventually i'll stitch myself my butler.  He'll keep me company and call me Madamsir.
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  • I've gone to Chicago!
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  • Mainly knitting and books. So my online time is Ravelry and Goodreads. No games :(
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  • I've started playing the secret world, it's a buy to play mmo, I've been enjoying it a lot. It's very beautiful, but in a totally different way than glitch. I miss glitch.
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  • Team fortress 2 and guild wars 2.
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  • Saucelah whats the guild called?
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  • Went back to KoL and got bored with it pretty quick.
    Been playing HereBeMonsters on FB and Skyrim when I need a graphics fix!
    Hopefully Magefaire will have a decent chat system setup.
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  • I been Simsing.
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  • I'll second Don't Starve. It's okay, like Bordois said it doesn't have a social aspect really, but if you're into resource gathering it's good. It does have a somewhat similar (though darker) sense of humour to Glitch.

    I just started playing Terraria, which it turns out you can play with others. So far I'm confused as to the over all idea behind the game but it lets you explore and go pretty much everywhere from what I've seen, so if you're an explorer you might like it. Just watch out at night because monsters come out.

    Botanicula (free demo if you want to try it out -> ) is a point and click adventure game but it has a sort of whimsical feeling that reminds me of Glitch. It's very light hearted as well. The feel of the artwork actually reminds me of Glitch quite a bit,
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  • I almost forgot, I've heard about this magic forest deer game thing. Basically you're a deer and you can run around in the forest with other deer (other players). From what I've heard/read it seems like it's very community oriented. I've yet to check it out though, if I do before the 25th, I'll make sure to report back! ;)
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  • daphnia don't bother hun....its more like a screensaver than a game....and no community at all.
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  • I'm playtesting and stirring up trouble on Gourdian Knot.  Huzzah for non-flash and runs on Linux!!!  It's very promising for both social and silly.  It's still pre-alpha, but it already has in-game chat, and it will eventually have things to do once we decide what those things will be.

    I'm collecting Easter eggs on Big Farm on the US and UK servers.  It has cute piggies even though you can't nibble them.  It annoys me less than Miramagia did (I hated the required nonconsensual pranking, and that things took longer the more you did them), but I miss getting to see other players.

    I'm waiting for Wander to have that Linux option that's apparently still Coming Soon.  I've seen snygyst's videos, and it's very pretty!

    I'm "montuos" everywhere but here.
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  • Im really waiting on other games, but i have been away from the keyboard to do other things now that my top prioriety was released into the world...
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  • I've been catching up on my reading but I will try some of the games suggested here.......thanks everyone. I still feel sad about the loss of the game and the community. I'm looking forward to the release of the book.
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  • The thing I loved about Glitch was being able to play the game at my own pace and not having to spend any real money in order to progress - I only had to spend it if I wanted to. It's hard to find another game that doesn't push you to pay to play :(
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  • Im Eilifynyr at Transformice, i tend to hang out in room 11, there is no in game advantage there its just customization options for the mouse, which you can buy with earned in game money, vs, real cash anyway. The community is often harsh & has a young playerbase, but....there are older ppl, anyways, i have a tribe (guild) which gives, private chat/room, you can also ignore ppl, change rooms, or room kick ppl, anyways, Im in that game the most often of the games that are out right now
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