Our Ideas... Do the apps have a hope in Hell? Seriously? Is it possible they may happen?

Just an honest question. I so have my hopes up for the Cubimals, Helikitty, Meditation, Butler App, and the other wonderful ideas that are flying around at the minute.

I KNOW that people would pay, the amount of money in the Indiegogo projects just proves it.

I guess we'll just have to see... Please reply TS? It'd just be nice to kinda know where we stand, rather than the vague "That's cool!" from random staff. As lovely as it is, it might be misleading.

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  • I would like to know TS's thinking on this as well. I would so love to have a butler app and a battling cubimal app. I also would happily pay for them.

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  • Please??
    Posted 7 years ago by Jezebel Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Still waiting to throw money at this.
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  • The meditation app too! I would pay money for all of these.
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  • Just to add m'voice to the clamoring masses... I would lay down hard cash for an avatar dress up app!
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  • If they were $1.99 each, with extras, and counting how much money has been put into the Glitch memorabilia, that's a steady income for the staff still at TS.

    We get to keep Glitch without the MMO.

    Would still like an offline version...
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  • I, too, would like to throw my money at you. Please make it so.
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  • I have no official answer but if I were allowed to bet money on something, I would bet my life savings on Tiny Speck not actively working on these games any time soon or ever.
    But there are a lot of us who no longer work here and are still interested in working on these types of things.
    Anyone who wants to make it happen would still need proper licenses to use the properties.
    And I sure don't have the time to bug Stewart about it right now. And I'm sure he doesn't want to be bombarded with requests for it right this second either. Especially since Tiny Speck is actively working on putting together some sort of plan to license their properties already anyways.

    Also, Christmas.
    New Years.
    Company pivoting.
    Job losses.
    A lot of us have barely or not even begun settling into new lives yet.
    So the chance of any "official" people doing anything with these in the immediate future seems low just from my perspective.
    But if people are still interested in these types of things somewhere down the line, great!
    If not, then maybe it's good we didn't waste time right now making stuff that won't be interesting anymore in the near future.

    If I had a second bet, I'd bet money on you guys making stuff with the assets once they're released much faster than any Tiny Speck or ex-Tiny Specker will.
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  • *hugs* kukubee
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  • If I were allowed to bet money against Kukubee in this instance, I wouldn't, because I don't like losing bets.

    Kukubee is wise. We should all listen to what he has to say and heed his words.
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  • Kukubee's comment did not mention dongs once. Therefore I feel fairly certain it is an impostor.
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  • Random factoid: Vietnamese currency is called the Dong. Let's go shopping!
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  • Thanks Kukubee, it's sad but it's nice to hear a serious outlook on it. Thank you!

    I hope all of TS had a lovely holiday season :)
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  • You too, Poundcake! You're making the sad closed Glitch a little bit brighter :3
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