One last idea for Gitch

I've had this idea in the back of my head for months, and I just need to get it out while I still can.  So, TS, if the day ever comes that you decide to return to the world of imagination, consider this:

A Book of Urstory

This book would contain the story of Ur, from the first imaginings of the Giants, to the collective knowledge of Ur's inhabitants of the Ages of the Giants, to the developments that shape the world. The book would be dynamic, and the story would change as it unfolds. Historians could visit the book to study, pilgrims would visit, diviners would visit for clues to the future. Glitches would have prophetic dreams with visions of how things might come to be, and would visit the book to register, or make sense of, the visions.  Maybe the book might be alive! It would be pretty cool.

And thanks to you all for sharing in the past three years of imaginings.  Happy trails!

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  • What a wonderful idea! :)
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  • We each have created our own Urstory and together it becomes a huge volume too big to take away so it will always be here for us and all we need do is open our hearts and close our eyes to Imagine it.
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  • Hell yes!
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  • LIST OF ALPHA TESTERS! and normal testers too
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