I always say the street names wrong...

Certain street names, I can't say them.

In conversation I always reverse letters, add some in, or just completely mix them up. Even when I think about the name I think of it as being the weird version I'd say. The funny part is that I still think of them as being spelled the correct way.  These are just some of the names I consistently mess up:

Gopra Byle - Gorpa Byle
Gooliv Naven - Gooly Niven
Ghora Chani - Chora Chain
Kelba Vallu - Kelbu Valla
Kuri Chil - Hurry Chili or Kuri Chili or Kerry Chili
Ladag Mach - Lagdag March or Lagdag Marsh
Nia Sra - Nira Sara
Taftan Raves - Taftin Reeves
Ilmenskie - Ilmeskillen (I don't have a clue how I came up with that one)
Guillermo Gamera Way - Geronimo Game Way (Same here, no idea why geronimo)
Pollokoo - Pokaroo

And a few of the regions come out funny too,
Shimla Mirch - Shimla Mitch
Jethmiadh - Jeramidth
Kalavana - Kevlana
Alakol - Elkol

Anyone else do this? Or do I have a rare glitch related speech problem?

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  • This is pretty interesting! I learned to read and write a few years before I learned to type, and it's always stunned me how my peers in online games can read totally new words (like item/monster/location/skill names, or here in Glitch, street names) but manage to type them out in dozens of crazy ways!

    Since most of us don't go around actually pronouncing these names - at least not as much as we type them - I wonder how they get so easily confused; they're not being misheard!

    Not saying I haven't had a handful of flubs myself, but it seems surprisingly common.
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  • I garble the street names all the time. I can't think of any examples right now, but I catch myself doing it every day.
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  • There are some places that I have no idea how they're meant to be pronounced. Jethimadh? I need to be able to "hear" something in my head when I read it, so I had to come up with a pronunciation somehow. Eventually I went with "jeth-mad". I also assigned a K sound to the "ch" in Hechey Track, because my instinct was to pronounce it the Jewish way and I knew that probably wasn't intended.
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  • Stuv- I've noticed that too! Sometimes it's almost as if they know they've misspelled the word and decide to keep adding letters in the hope that it will turn out somehow.

    Kestin - I don't think I've been to Hechey Track yet but I like your way of saying it :)
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  • I keep putting an extra "r" in Jethimadh, so that I pronounce it Jethrimadh.

    Also, I've been pronouncing Jellisac wrong.  Instead of "Jelly-sack" I've been pronouncing it "Juh-LAH-sic".
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  • How do you pronounce Gandlevery? Is it GAN-dul-VEHR-ee or Gand-LEH-ver-ree? Or GAND-luh-VEH-ree?
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  • me too! like for ages i couldn't say Jethmiadh..... hmmmm can't really "say" it now either
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  • I always pronounced "Jethmiadh" as "Jed-a-miah" haha

    I also never noticed "Jellisac" is actually pronounced "Jelly-sack" not "Jell-as-sic" haha
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  • As a teen I read a lot of science fiction & wouldn't stumble at reading sentences like "Tqwjroi turned to Q'tuiohertqq and gestured with his Ykqwjre pistol". I quickly got used to recognizing word shapes and never even attempting to imagine what the word sounded like or pronounce it in my head.

    I'm afraid that Glitch street names fall into the same category. If I had to actually talk to somebody about a certain street, I'd probably find myself spluttering & tongue-tied. Which is a shame because a large number of street names are clever aural puns and, if you don't try to say them out loud, you can miss a lot of the fun.

    Talk like this always reminds me of a certain Not The Nine O'Clock News sketch featuring a lawyer who'd learnt all his law from a book:
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  • Awesome Cardinal -> I've been saying gandlevery as Gand-levery. The "levery" part sounds kind of like every with an L in front when I say it. But then again I also say Jellisac as Jell-las-sic, so...yeah....

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with creative pronunciations when it comes to saying all things glitchy.
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  • I always thought I lived in Aava Piles, but it's Aava PLIES. I'm not even dyslexic. D:
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