Do you get upset IRL when people say mean things to you on the internet?

I do, and (feel like I) shouldn't.  I try not to but especially when I'm having a bad day, when someone says something mean to me on the internet I feel sad afterward, sometimes for hours.  I know it shouldn't matter but I feel like, when someone does that maybe they're forgetting there's a real human being on the other side of the screen.  :<

So.. do you?
Do you say mean things yourself and then not worry about it afterward because after all it's only the internet?  Have you had something mean said to you on the internet in the last week or so?


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  • It depends on what they say/the context/my mood at the time, etc. I've gotten upset before. I have also gotten upset (sad as well as angry, sometimes both at once) when people have said mean things to other people. Time away can help.

    I don't *think* I say mean things to other people, but if I did, I hope they or others would tell me so that I could apologize. 

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  • I don't really care if people I've never met IRL say mean things on the internet, I tend to view them more as bizarre characters of the story that is the internet. Same goes with random mean people I meet IRL. I've never met them before, will probably never meet them again, and I have no idea what made them cranky people, I'm just baffled by their bizarre behavior. I really only get upset by people I know and interact with IRL, whether they say it online or off.
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  • My answer to this is pretty much the same as Millie's. I definitely try not to say mean things either. I got into this game when I sorely needed a happy place, so I would never want to take that side of the game away from anyone else.

    Time off, or finding a distraction does help, but not always. If the incident is not obviously intentional, it could also help to explain how you're feeling to the other party. People can be surprisingly understanding, at least on some matters, and that would prevent it from happening again. 

    (((massive hugs and lobes))) Please feel free to reach out if someone does upset you, whether or not they intend to do so. It's not good to dwell on these things for too long.
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  • My Glitch and I are very different, but one thing we share is a human brain. And with that comes shared emotions and reactions. I don't think that's so crazy. However, it sure would be nice to deny my humanity and feel nothing in this game. Anyone have any tips on how to accomplish that?
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  • Thanks everyone.  I was literally crying just now because of some really mean things someone said to me (not here, in the other game I play all the time).  Usually the forums there are really well moderated but in this case I guess the mods just don't care as they won't remove the thread.  :`(

    (( hugs ) thanks shakha and everyone.  I know I need to just step away and realise, it's just the internet and *I* know I'm a good person.
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  • I do get upset by things on the internet.  More often than not, I suffer from XKCD's "Someone is wrong on the internet!" syndrome, but I also find myself take a lot of offense at simple words or getting fearful or angry that someone would believe something so horrible (whatever it is).

    I really hope that none of my words come across as mean.  I don't mean them that way.  Sometimes I do lose my patience on occasion, but I do really respect my fellow players, including all of you, no matter what I type.
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  • *hugs to all*
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  • +1 for all the lobe and positivity happening in this forum.
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  • Let me ask the larger-context question: do you get equally upset IRL when someone says something that seems mean to you? Some people are simply more reactive, more sensitive, and more concerned about other's opinions in general than others.

    It has been demonstrated conclusively that, overall, people tend to be more callous and less kind when dealing with others through an impersonal interface (such as text-only). They say things they would hardly ever say in a face-to-face interaction because they feel shielded from consequences and because they have a harder time envisaging the human being on the receiving end of the communication.

    While due consideration for others' perceptions of oneself is a useful life skill, it can be crippling to let other people's (often ill-considered) opinions impinge too much on one's sense of self. We do not have to internalize other people's judgments. Similarly, we'd do well to suspend our own inclination to blast our own opinions out without some reflection first.

    Words can hurt, certainly. They hurt most when we lend them credence, and especially when they come from someone in whom we vested trust.

    If we return kindness for cruelty and compassion for nastiness, we can transform a bad emotional experience into one that strengthens us and makes the world a better place. It's not easy, but it's worth practicing.
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  • I am more so annoyed on how ignorant they can be. Usually when someone says "mean" things they are so wrong it's funny.
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  • Nobody is nice 100% of the time. You just need to deal with it or get off of the internet... (just sayin')
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  • I don't really care what ppl say to me on the internet-it's not like I'm ever gonna see them
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  • I think this whole thread could be shortened to, "are you easily upset?"
    If yes, find ways to reduce your stressors.
    If no, you are an insensitive cad. Wait. No.
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