Hurrah! I have finally opened it.

I have a newspaper, called the Glitchen Gazette.  It grew as soon as I opened it to now, almost 700 members!  We are a newspaper "Dedicated to keeping you up with the times!" Before, we used the discussions to express our newspaper. Now, we have grown from the primitive ways! Check out our online newspaper/website here!

Right now, I am totally celebrating.  Please do celebrate with me by either screaming, "WHOOOOOO!!" AND/OR reading this newspaper!  If you read every nook and cranny of it (exaggeration), then you will understand completely afterwards!  Soon, this might become you daily glitch newspaper!

Oh and.... please do tell me; if this needs to be in Off Topic, I apologize.  I am not a super savvy guy in those types of things.  XD 

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  • WHOOOOOOO!! *reads newspaper* What? The Chargers lost?!
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  • lol@"Copyright 2023 My Site Name. No Animals were harmed in the making. Click me to edit me." at the bottom of the page ;) I'm guessing you're supposed to click that to edit it =D
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congrats! I really enjoyed your article on housing. Nice work!
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  • Congratulations! Good job!
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  • awsome! AWSOME! awsome! AWSOME!
    Here is the oficial stamp

    ^_^ ANIME APROVED! ^_^
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