This is my goodbye: the best i could do; and it won't do justice

If you read my earlier post, then you know that I have lost all faith in TS due to either the actions of one staff member, or the integrity/security of posts in the forums.  Posts should not be changed.  My time on here, since September, has been an amazing experience.  This was my first game of the kind and, though I have friended many of you, I am not a part of the FS refugees; I knew little of what to expect.  Gameplay was like the game name:  Glitch(y).  However, somehow it worked.  And I can’t count the memories and good times.   Friends have come and gone; and, now is my time.  But I hope to share with you some of the greatest memories that I have from the game.  That means this post is going to be long, but so many roads of friendship. 

When I started out in the brain, and wondering around as a first time online-game player, I was lucky to find how friendly people in game were.  2020 Smoke, this-is-me, Treena and Teena (took me a while to get that one right), Xev, and GiaPaws!, you were some of the first I met.  This-is-me brought me under the bridge at GGW for the first time.  I loved the game.  I still had no clue what I was doing (that will be a common thread).  Somehow I loved this game of wondering around “aimlessly”…I take that back, it makes complete sense that I loved this game because I could wonder around aimlessly—the people made the game.

 I soon bought my first house on Ojan Repine---don’t know why, but I landed there.  My neighbors were awesome.  Mik Powers and Marie’s dad---hell, I think Marie’s whole family lived there.  Great people.  It was there that I met  Jessenya…she wasn’t quiet for long.  And after a few more trips to GGW, I met probably my best friend, Wrong Way.  For someone wandering around aimlessly, finding Wrong Way seemed natural and right.  Street parties with my neighbors Jessenya and Jillybean followed—Jessenya always had plenty of drinks.

 I thought to myself, this is the greatest game ever!  I met Malist, Herb Herbally, Serenitycat, Ascher, Finley Linker, spiceypup, RM and Jade.  I loved it.  A game where the point is to help others out.  I was amazed with how far the others had leveled and how much they had and how much they shared.  I hadn’t leveled, but I hope that I was as kind and giving to you all, as you were to me.  Then I got into fights with Gertiemack and thepheebs over trees.  Those trees were mine. 

Wrong Way then introduced me to the Mefis.  Surprisingly, this group was just as welcoming to a newcomer.  Phixion, Jessypie,  and TN, I think you were the first that I met.  I remember the first day, working on a crossword with TN in chat, while wandering through the game.  Phix and Jess, my two favorite chicks.  All of the mefies took me in with open arms—despite my continued antics trying to fill houses with Random Kindness, Gems, grain, and any other object.  Taking trips around Ur dressed as a rainbow with balonious, Sweet Tea Biscuit, Valett, Phix, Jess, aglet and WW.  LX, you made it into that photo too :   KG, Meghan, Katgamer, AdventureKitty, Moehr Ossum, Mr. OS, Quois, juv3nal, FromOhio (who is not, they are a band)…Thank all of mefie so much.  I’m going to try to post some of my alltime memories, to sum up some things.  The Ancestral Lands Races…where I met many of you.  Teleporting out of the backyard.  The mission of 100 rubes on one street.  Levitation school.  So many pranks and shared laughs.  Even when I was standing afk forever as Zombie Clark, things were great.  We all have so many memories of getting into places that we shouldn’t have been.  Jessie getting us into hell bar early, which led to me showing Tom C, tis and Lx.  

While I might not have made the record for streets, the kindness in glitch lead to another getting one extra street.  When you look at the leaderboards—to me it is you all—so many roads, so many memories.  Upon posting this, I will open up a party pack…either way; this will be my last road.  I hope you will be there.  

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  • Other relevant quotes to this long complex thread:
    "Jack shall have Jill.?Nought shall go ill. The man shall have his mare again, and all shall be well." (Mr Spock, Star Trek)
    "Live well and prosper" (Puck, Midsummer Night's Dream)

    OMG - those guys TOTALLY plagerized from each other?!!?
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  • *applies more thread poison*

    *hopes nobody applies thread poison antidote*
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  • dm, if you never applied the thread poison, this thread might still have been on the bottom of General.
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  • Doubt it. I've been trying to derail the thread all day, but people keep talking about the original post.
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  • I puke a little bit in my mouth every time this thread gets bumped up. 
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  • Speaking of puking, Here is a story from Forbes  that hasn't got much to do with anything but its worth reading.

    OK, it does have some interesting observations about the too slowly evolving relationship between companies and customers.   Sort of related to the business of TS editing topics to be funny.
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  • I thought we could all use clarification on the word fuck. When it's appropriate to use and when it's not.

    Please review this video on the word FUCK.
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  • Every time someone posts below this, a kitten dies.

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  • I am all in favour of people ignoring this thread if they are not interested.  I ignore quite a lot of the forum threads (including the original one that provoked this one). 

      I appreciate that staff read the forum discussions but they don't ALL have to read them all the time.   This issue  will die when people stop reading it and complaining about it.
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  • Bump for justice.
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  • @ Magic Money..I am now invoking "Godwin's Law". Pls. forgive me devs...

    The answer is Hitler
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  • Thank you MsSparklz. :)  Now the thread can die. :>
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  •  It is considered poor form to raise such a comparison arbitrarily with the motive of ending the thread. There is a widely recognized corollary that any such ulterior-motive invocation of Godwin's law will be unsuccessful.
    -- Godwin's Law
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  • I'm invoking rule 34 but I'll keep the details to myself as I find it slightly inappropriate. 
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  • But in a fit of hilarity, it would be gloriously recursive for staff to edit a prior post using s/itl/appi/ ....
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