This is my goodbye: the best i could do; and it won't do justice

If you read my earlier post, then you know that I have lost all faith in TS due to either the actions of one staff member, or the integrity/security of posts in the forums.  Posts should not be changed.  My time on here, since September, has been an amazing experience.  This was my first game of the kind and, though I have friended many of you, I am not a part of the FS refugees; I knew little of what to expect.  Gameplay was like the game name:  Glitch(y).  However, somehow it worked.  And I can’t count the memories and good times.   Friends have come and gone; and, now is my time.  But I hope to share with you some of the greatest memories that I have from the game.  That means this post is going to be long, but so many roads of friendship. 

When I started out in the brain, and wondering around as a first time online-game player, I was lucky to find how friendly people in game were.  2020 Smoke, this-is-me, Treena and Teena (took me a while to get that one right), Xev, and GiaPaws!, you were some of the first I met.  This-is-me brought me under the bridge at GGW for the first time.  I loved the game.  I still had no clue what I was doing (that will be a common thread).  Somehow I loved this game of wondering around “aimlessly”…I take that back, it makes complete sense that I loved this game because I could wonder around aimlessly—the people made the game.

 I soon bought my first house on Ojan Repine---don’t know why, but I landed there.  My neighbors were awesome.  Mik Powers and Marie’s dad---hell, I think Marie’s whole family lived there.  Great people.  It was there that I met  Jessenya…she wasn’t quiet for long.  And after a few more trips to GGW, I met probably my best friend, Wrong Way.  For someone wandering around aimlessly, finding Wrong Way seemed natural and right.  Street parties with my neighbors Jessenya and Jillybean followed—Jessenya always had plenty of drinks.

 I thought to myself, this is the greatest game ever!  I met Malist, Herb Herbally, Serenitycat, Ascher, Finley Linker, spiceypup, RM and Jade.  I loved it.  A game where the point is to help others out.  I was amazed with how far the others had leveled and how much they had and how much they shared.  I hadn’t leveled, but I hope that I was as kind and giving to you all, as you were to me.  Then I got into fights with Gertiemack and thepheebs over trees.  Those trees were mine. 

Wrong Way then introduced me to the Mefis.  Surprisingly, this group was just as welcoming to a newcomer.  Phixion, Jessypie,  and TN, I think you were the first that I met.  I remember the first day, working on a crossword with TN in chat, while wandering through the game.  Phix and Jess, my two favorite chicks.  All of the mefies took me in with open arms—despite my continued antics trying to fill houses with Random Kindness, Gems, grain, and any other object.  Taking trips around Ur dressed as a rainbow with balonious, Sweet Tea Biscuit, Valett, Phix, Jess, aglet and WW.  LX, you made it into that photo too :   KG, Meghan, Katgamer, AdventureKitty, Moehr Ossum, Mr. OS, Quois, juv3nal, FromOhio (who is not, they are a band)…Thank all of mefie so much.  I’m going to try to post some of my alltime memories, to sum up some things.  The Ancestral Lands Races…where I met many of you.  Teleporting out of the backyard.  The mission of 100 rubes on one street.  Levitation school.  So many pranks and shared laughs.  Even when I was standing afk forever as Zombie Clark, things were great.  We all have so many memories of getting into places that we shouldn’t have been.  Jessie getting us into hell bar early, which led to me showing Tom C, tis and Lx.  

While I might not have made the record for streets, the kindness in glitch lead to another getting one extra street.  When you look at the leaderboards—to me it is you all—so many roads, so many memories.  Upon posting this, I will open up a party pack…either way; this will be my last road.  I hope you will be there.  

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  • I know what you mean, Sideburns, I know what you mean.
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  • I, at least, will be missing you, Clark.  Would you please reconsider?
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  • @MagicMonke: Bingo! :)

    @koolaroo: We aren't telling him to quit. He told us he's quitting and never coming back... but then he does. How can we resist? :)

    So I have a H, and an R.  Anyone else? :)
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  • OK, I just read all of this mess, original thread, second thread, and this one. You know what? You were wrong Clark. They had (as Stoot said) just worked their asses off for us to get this as soon as possible, and there you go bitching that it didn't come out exactly as you wanted. And you called them NAMES. What you said was just rude, and your response to editing even more so. Ditto for the second thread, and this one's just whiny. I no longer have any sympathy for you and am not sad to see someone so rude and ungrateful go. 

    BTW: It's a GAME. Wah, your stuff's a mess, get over it or don't play the game. Instead of sorting, sell it all, or something. Hire someone to do it, one of that multitude of friends of yours, like I've been doing for my friends.

    You are acting like a whiny, ungrateful, selfish little prat. Grow up and deal with a tiny bit of mess, instead of a character reset which would have undoubtedly made life easier for TS. 
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  • @ Tibbi... I found this "I" and this "T" in my bags. Would you like to use them? They're a little dusty, but they don't expire until 2014, so they should still be good. 
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  • Ooh, if I chip in an E we could spell their!
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  • I love the lyrical letter L, it's in my name (real and Glitchy), and lolls from my mouth lazily. I am in league with the languid layout of this lovely plan.
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  • @MissCalla: +1111

    @Kiachan: Those are the most beautiful "I" and "T".  It's a shame to use them like this.  But needs must. :)

    @MagicMonkey: Nice "E".  You build that one yourself? Lovely workmanship. :)

    We are so close. :)
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  • "4. This is not such a big deal."

    ...Okay, now I'm angry.
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  • @Miss Callia - The only response I can offer you is this:
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  • Clark, for someone who said goodbye, you sure come back an awful lot. You might as well stay now.
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  • I agree that editing the thread wasn't funny.   I wouldn't use the word "censorship" because its not a very accurate word for what we are discussing.   Regardless, trying to stifle people by some sort of use of "force" or power doesn't usually accomplish what was intended  (assuming that what was intended was for the person to shut up, and that the editing wasn't just an "f  you back" sort of response).  For some reason I originally assumed it was kevbob who had done it (maybe because I'd seen him close other threads lately).   Doesn't matter I guess - it was TS.

    I think we all appreciate the long hours that TS staff have put into their work recently and nobody wants to be abusive to individual staff members who are overworked (from what I've read so far I don't think Clark did that - he addressed TS generally not personally).   Having said that, there are lots of players who work 16 hour days, come home, clean up, deal with interpersonal bs, then sit down and try to lose themselves in a game with excitingly new, long-awaited, features that have just been launched.  Then their moving boxes explode and they start playing a game of picking up stuff off the floor.  Its kind of funny and sad from the point of view of someone who isn't stressed already.   Anyway, players are going to be emotionally invested in the game because how can you run a mildly addictive online game without people being emotionally invested.  Its at least half of the driving force that keeps the game going.  The other half is all the work that staff and owners put into making it happen.

    Anyway, people keep telling Clark too step back from the game for awhile but we do play the game partly as a way of stepping outside of real world stress.   Maybe staff need to step back from the game/job more?   Find some other non Glitch related activity to amuse themselves with.  Its tricky but I think that there is more onus on staff to behave professionally than there is on players -  community or no community.
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  • Treesa, I have to strongly disagree with you on a phrase you just used:

    "mildly addictive"

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  • Maybe someone would think that cursing like that was a bit overboard, but for hilarity? Really?
    Clark, I know you're feeling angry right now, but to the point of just leaving the game? Could you please rethink quitting for good? It was great having you around. Try not to be offensive like that and it will be all right. I hope that you'll keep playing Glitch.
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  • Hilarity would have been tossing ALL the things back on the ground, half way through.
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  • I hope that TS steps out and says that they were sorry that they didn't post something saying that they changed it and why, and that they changed it just so they thought it would be funny.
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  • EVERYONE in this thread is overreacting.
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  • Does that include you?
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  • I thought I told everyone to quit fwaggin talking!

    Senor Attention Whore doesn't need anymore attention or hard-earned ridicule (in this thread)
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  • What... even...
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  • @Magic Monkey, That is awesome! :) Thank you
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  • Holy shit. Aviatrix sounds like one of the most erudite, compassionate people I have run across. Sure hope she/he will accept my friend request. 
    I too found this OP's post to be sweet and also sadly short-sighted.
    Chill for a bit dude. You love us and we love you.
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  • I thought love was
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    I'm a believer
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  • I've just returned after being sick for a while, and had yet to visit the forums. I thought someone else was going to be leaving for a bit, and was interested.

    The end result is I have read over this entire thread, mostly because I was confused at first. Now I am kind of wishing I didn't. While I don't want to touch upon the cause-effect relationship the posts have spawned, I would like to point this out.

    I found a lot of hatred, a lot of negativity, a lot of personal attacks, and repeated attacks - from glitchen that I've seen be pretty charitable and friendly in the past.

    What the frick happened in the week or so I've been away!?

    I won't get into the OPs points - thats been hashed out so many times, by so many people - that there is nothing left to say at all on it. I do however want to know - why, for the love of glitch - are you all so vile lately?

    This is not glitch as I know it, or at least, not glitch as I want to know it. If my niece had said or done half of the stuff being said and done in this thread, I'd give her a time out and make her think about the hurtful things she said - especially things being said to be 'funny', 'snarky' or in the terms of our 'internet generation' - just being a troll.

    What is worse, is everyone involved in this thread (myself included for posting) have stained their hands because of it. I'm gonna go reflect upon what I've just endured (the vile posts) and that I've added to them (my post) and I really hope, others do the same.
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  • First, if youre leaving, then leave. Long drawn out goodbyes are never good.

    Second, stoot, shame on you! You should not be able to edit a post just because you thought it would be funny. I've seen plenty of posts in my short time here that contain vulgar language, not once have they been edited. Or even chastised by TS.

    Granted, pissing off one player in the grand scheme of things probably wont hurt TS in the least. But if you and other TS employees make a habit out of it, "for the sake of hilarity" as you put it (which is bullshit by the way) you could lose alot of players, and that would hurt TS.

    Either make no profanity a rule or leave it the fuck alone. You cant change the game rules halfway thru just to suit you...because then no one is going to want to play with you.
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  • First, this sounds *incredibly* sanctimonious and sweeping - the "why are you all so vile".

    There have been some extremely thoughtful, reasonable posts on the subject, which does, in fact, raise some issues beyond Clark vs. TS (as in the right to edit, the use of swearing, tantrums, etc. etc.).

    If you don't want to 'endure' this, then why read it all in the first place and then come lecture? And no, this is not *me* being vile, it's me reacting to YOUR finger-wagging!

    I DO think some people have been childish, yes. But that's pretty much par for the course on an Internet game / forum.

    Your niece may be a little less well behaved on the Net too ;)
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  • Hey, has anybody seen any good movies lately? We should totally talk about that.
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  • @DM

    In time with justin timberlake. AWESOME.
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  • Re: what started the whole thing in the first place:

    Everyone should live by this.
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  • @DM Has anyone seen The Avengers? Is it any good? No wait, that question's moot - it's Joss Whedon.

    Hang on.

    Is the movie awesome enough to get me out to a cinema and watch it, something I haven't done in years?
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  • I'd pay someone to close this thread already.  It's a bummer to see it at the top of the list every time I come to check the forums and I've refrained from posting myself to not add to the bumping but sheesh.

    Let the thread die already.  No more posts~!
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  • I would settle for it being moved to off topic. Let the crowd battle it out there, personally it is too deep for me. :)

    I have not seen the Avengers, ut would love to find some time this weekend to do so. Adored Thor and the Iron Mans. Cap A and hulk, Meh.

    And why didn't Black Widow and Hawkeye get their own movies before the big one. No fair! :)
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  • This thread just shows how different glitch is. When I first started playing I found so many compassionate people it was truly amazing and made me love my time on this game.  Now you have mostly people that fuss at people for having their own opinion. Just because you do not agree, you do not have to drag someone while they are down. We all take things differently. If someones personal  feelings get you this upset, maybe you need to deal with more serious issues in your life. Live & Let Live 
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  • it has probably already been said,  but I'm going to repeat,  IF YOU CAN NOT SAY ANYTHING NICE TO SOMEONE DON'T SAY ANYTHING.   It works in the real world too,  why do you want to say hurtful things to others.  So if you don't care please keep it to yourself.   No one else wants to hear it.  
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  • Sadly, I'm not able to rank cubimals in order of cuteness. I will need to confer with Marie, whose answer I believe will be definitive.
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  • In case anyone’s interested, here are the Nutrition Facts from a can of cream of mushroom soup:
    Serving Size..............˝ cup (126.0 g) 
    Calories from Fat......54
    Total Fat...................6.0g
    Saturated Fat...........1.5g
    Total Carbohydrates 9.0g
    Dietary Fiber............2.0g
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  • Something very good has come out of this topic -- the wonderful new Glitchy word "fingerwagging" and aka "fwagging."

    I would also like to note that some of the ppl posting to this thread (including the OP) made oops(!) decisions about things to say in public. (Not me of course, all my posts were teh ossum.) But you, each and every one of you, are ABSOLVED from any criticism or blame. The universe and all 11 giants love you anyway. Be happy and free.

    All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well, according to Hildegard of Bingen and who the fwag are we, any of us, to question Hildegard of Bingen?
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  • +1 What Vocable said. I am definitely keeping fwaggin. And anyone who can reference Hildegarde of Bingen in a forum post has earned my eternal adoration.
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  • I want a milkshake. Are we ever going to be able to make ice cream? Sno cones gives me brain freeze.
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  • +1 to Hildegard von Bingen. She was and is an amazing human being. :D
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  • Damn. Now my guilt tank is full up again. Sorry for being a jerk, Clark. Hope you'll come back soon and join us again.
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  • Agreed Laerwen  and all who love Hidegarde. My musical tastes run later- 1400 to 1650 but I do love some of her repertoire too. Would love to explore and perform some of her pieces one day. *hugs* and cheers all and have a great day :D
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  • I don't know. This may be off-topic, kinda, but I LOL'ed when Stoot said something would be eff' awesome. That itself, was effin' awesome since I was not expecting that at all! Whatever he was talking about (housing, I think) was effin' awesome, too!

    I only say effin' in this post because I say it in real life since I don't curse.  It's just a preference and I really, really can give a flying fish what others say. If every other word is a curse, I may just get annoyed and stop talking to that person. But peppered here and there I could care less (or, is couldn't care less? that phrase always baffled me...)

    Ok, so what was this thread about again? 
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  • I thought that text was attributed to Julian of Norwich. 
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  • Nowadays, people insist the saying is "couldn't care less" as the other does not make sense when viewed literally.  

    But the origin of the saying is "could care less" (look it up, it's true) and was never intended to be interpreted literally -- it was sarcastic.  

    Both are correct.  
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  • I love lamp.
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  • @dm, you should watch Lumumba. Unless you know French, put on subtitles. 
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  • "why are you all so vile lately?"
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  • Amen amen to whoever pointed out that Julian of Norwich (not Hildegard of Bingen) said "All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well."

    But while we are thinking of Hildegard of Bingen, let me commend her concept of "Viriditas," literally "greenness," virtually vitality, growth, fertility, all greatly applicable to our dear world here in Glitch.

    Other relevant quotes to this long complex thread:
    "Jack shall have Jill.?Nought shall go ill. The man shall have his mare again, and all shall be well." (Mr Spock, Star Trek)
    "Live well and prosper" (Puck, Midsummer Night's Dream)
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