Ida Keen


Oh my.



all alone

Ida Keen

You look so surprised!

Bathed in Sloth-Slobber Ida Keen earned the Bathed in Sloth-Slobber badge
a long time ago
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The Docta

almost done- just need cube2 and manuscript 1-3 for the badge.

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Status update
Ida Keen

I left a piece of manuscript in Thursday's upstairs, but I don't know which one!

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  1. The Docta

    hey ida! i only need piece 2 and 3 now and i think she might have given me the piece you left. thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!


This is my favorite place.
Goodbye, my hidey-hole.

Love, Ida
Dear Pot,
I love you most of all.
I'm here too!
And I probably will be again. I love Yokel Yarn and I haven't jumped 111,111 times yet!