Moehr Ossum

(Justin Thomas)

Master Levitator, host of 11 Questions Glitch-gameshow and general non-leveller extraordinaire



Don't follow me
For I'm a rope,
I dangle gently off the slope.
I hang, defying gravity,
But please, be careful not to follw me
Or a long way down
On the hard cold ground
You will be.
Glitch Ninjas
A group mentioned in a note left by Scatha
Gameshow Future Contestants
Guyon A Buffalo
Firefly ninja clan hideout
Bet you didn't know it!
Thanks for dreaming this dream with us
It's been a blast the whole way!
Place needs more notes!
Write something!
Write all the things!
A note!
Moehr notes plz!
Thanks for everything!
Best video game I ever played :D
Some gameshow tickets...
I ran a little trivia show on Glitch that was mostly inspired by the game itself and the wonderful people I met here. It didn't meet up very often, but it was one of the things I loved doing with/for people here.

I hope to see your next marvelous creation! Keep in touch with all of us, Stoot and co.; I'm sure we'll still be there with you the next time you're ready to play :D
floating away...!
Levitation was my favorite skill;
I imagine once this dream soon ends,
a-levitating I will be still

From Ur's foremost levitator extraordinaire!!!
You know I have to file these IRL, right?

It's alright!
Stay warm, little guy :D