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I never got around to snapping a picture of my tower - thank you!

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I never snapped my tower - thank you!


Glitch <3

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Trucker Dave

I missed the last day. I was just too sick to do anything other than lay in bed on my iPad. I feel really...sad. :/

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Status update

Yeah, I don't have internet on weekends, so I missed it, too. I hope you're feeling better.

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I've never seen an MMO that was so damn friendly.

Nor one where the prevailing social customs in the global chat included queer friendly language.

I'm going to keep playing to the bitter end.

But I've loved getting to play in this sandbox. And I'm going to miss my street and my tower so much.
New lands
I love Samudra so much. The water and the light are just gorgeous together and it makes my heart break every time I'm here. It's almost like a Maxfield Parrish kind of land with the hypersaturated jewel-tones.

Old(er) Spice
I look at other games. And then back to this game.

I'm going to miss this game.
I've only been here since August, but it has been the best gaming experience I've ever had. Mostly because of the people I've met.

At first it was creepy, I'll admit. Having strangers be friendly. It was weird.

And then I found myself being friendly to strangers, too. A little odd.

And then I set up a street with My Stuff that was friendly and accessible to random passers-by, not just people I'd trust. And I was so very surprised when that happened.

And there was a global chat where people would be called out for pejoratives or heteronorming. And I had hope for the internet's ability to build community.

Only here.

Thank you for that.

Yes, even you with the fart jokes. They were fun, too.