Game Room Wishlist
Edit the note if you contribute any of the following requested furniture to J.J.'s butler for use in this room (J.J. will upgrade 'em):

- Storage display boxes (5)

- Hanging Decoration (1-2) or Ceiling Lamp

- Room Decoration

- Loveseat:

- Wall Storage Boxes (5)
----Contributors to date:

Tickets On Wall Are For Group Games
Invite some people in Glitchwidth to come play with you!
I <3 Glitch Because...
The world rewards curiosity. I love that I had to figure out that butterfly milk could be shaken into butter, and then compressed into cheese. I love that not everything should be sniffed/shaken/poked/eaten (*cough*purpleflowers*cough*) but that in general game play is more interesting if you investigate instead of more frustrating.
Icons Will Be On 5th Floor
This floor is for meditation alone or in groups
Death Haiku
violet rainfall
hell is the wait to get there
please mourn my passing
A note!
We had a dig party - thanks for providing the venue!