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Um. Stuff. And things. I'm in my early thirties. I work for myself. I have a kid. I hate people. I'm mean. I'm mostly sarcastic. Yo yo yo.


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Status update
Trucker Dave

I missed the last day. I was just too sick to do anything other than lay in bed on my iPad. I feel really...sad. :/

4 replies

4 replies
  1. Derkhan

    Awww. You didn't get not then. It said 'merkins'

  2. Griselda

    I was wondering where you were. I missed you in Global. Don't feel too bad. Many of us got kicked by the servers in the last few minutes and missed it too. Check the Facebook group for videos of the last few minutes. It's not the same but at least you can hear GNG one last time.

  3. Saraphim

    i signed in long enough to give away all of my money:)

  4. Bleppo

    Yeah, I don't have internet on weekends, so I missed it, too. I hope you're feeling better.