Ajaya Bliss- My birthplace, my deathplace. Glitch- my refuge. LOVE YOU ALL. It was really preposterous, this game, but yet...I'll miss it.


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Status update

Only 1/2 hour left. :'( I have a few things to say; I love you all, I'll miss you, and this game was really preposterous, but yet, I really miss it. :(

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A note!
My friends
My birthplace
My deathplace
and my home.

Thank you.
So much.
A note!
Thank you for all the beautiful art :D
This has an extra upgrade- the swedish-y counter :3
This has an extra upgrade- an 8-bit brick shelf.
This has an extra upgrade- it has the blue couch upgrade (10 credits)
Note 15
Congratulations! You are eligible for a prize...maybe, anyways. You might also get a tiny smidgen of an item. :P Just turn it in, anyways. You might ge tlucky!

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A note!
I can't write in Local!

Thanks :)
Note 17
Congratulations! If you turn this note in to me, you just might win a treasure. If'll still get something! :3

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Dear Stoot
To squeezing chickens
Milking butterflies
Baking pies
Accomplishing feats
Having parties
Mining sparkly
Roaming and rambling
My friends
My home
My safe place

Thank you
So much
For everything.

*breaks down in tears*
A note!
Bought an awesome stew. Nice price :D
For Valandra
I'm sorry I wasn't there when you went.
I wish I could have been.
<3 you, Zubie. :'(

We miss you.