Silvara Luneth

(Aine Silveria)

A geek and a gamer and a girl, I am all of that and more besides.


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Silvara Luneth

Thank you, all of you. Just... for being you. I'll see you in another life, Glitchen.

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Silvara Luneth

Cooking up some last few noms for the end of the world.


I usually try to fix things at least some if I break them, but I don't have any of the stuff handy for fixing your rock. I have a feeling that if I go home to get them, I'll get distracted by eleventybillion things, and then forget who I was supposed to help. :/

A note!
I never saw this place
As it should have been.
I never saw this place
Bustling with Glitchen.
I never saw this place
As more than a dream
Of what I could have seen.

All these notes, these thoughts, these wishes and dreams. Your dreams made this world and inspired all of us, in myriad and different ways, and we who were touched by your dream will dream a little differently because of you. I may not have played as long as others, but this game immediately struck a chord in my heart that will continue to resonate and influence me. It will hurt, once it is gone, but I will always remember this place dearly, and I will miss it... until someday, I hope, I see it again.