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That is more complicated, you had to have someone follow you, lag them out so that you could leave and return to a street before they loaded, (thus causing them to be in two streets at once) then follow them- their path would often take you under the intended walking space.


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if you jump up and drop cubi they float in mid air if you jump up and battle cubi- they float in midair AND stay for an extended period of time without being stolen


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Butterfly whispering 101
Butterfly whispering 101: Making butterflies follow you

The trick is?tease them.

First move close to one, go for it, just jump on them and click enter.
Next move your mouse over the massage selection but DO NOT CLICK IT. Gotta make em want it ;)
Now do nothing else until you have clicked your cursor in the local chat tab as if you were about to type->Press the Tab button-> click on anything inside the glitch window that is not the game area.

Now you are all set to have the butterflies chasing you- Have fun you sly milker you ;)

Butterfly whispering 201
Butterfly whispering 201
Making butterflies Fly in place

The trick is?COMPLICATED

1.Be about 4 glitches away from your target butterfly
2.Mouse over the butterfly until it stops moving
3.Click the butterfly and mouse over the rename selection
4.Press Tab
5.Click local chat as if you were going to type in local
6.Press Tab
7.(for simplicity sake) click your face in the upper left corner twice
*clicking anywhere in the glitch window that part of the game works as well but the face is an easy target for someone not sure where to click.
8.The butterfly will flutter in place until lag happens or you perform an action on it- so no funny business ;)

Hope you have fun with your butterfly graffiti- send me snaps :D