Miss Portinari

...I had such a fun time following you around during the last feat :)

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Status update

I just saw the picture of my home street and had to stifle myself from yelping out a huge, longing sob. I even TP'd myself there, though of course I can't actually visit it. Now, I'm looking at the Groddle Forest map and feeling equally as heartbroken. WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF -- it only makes it worse!!

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Little Poundcake

Surveying the aftermath. WTF happened here? We're going to need a shovel to clean this up. On second thought, it'd be easier to close the game!


You got to go in after the end?? Well, of course you did. Awesome! <3



I made it purdy :)


please leave these... they're for a quest!
pretty please leave these potatoes and tomatoes for me. i planted them for a quest where i need 50 of each. i only have one 4-plot crop garden at my own street which is why i'm here. i will probably fall asleep before i have a chance to harvest them. thank you!!!
thanks, stoot...
for everything.

xox kweeky
I'm so sad, but...
I'm so sad, but coming to a place like this where there is still the spirit of Ur flowing throughout my comrades makes me feel just a little better, if not more upset that such a beautiful community is going to be forced out of existence. As I continue to explore lands far and wide until my last moments on Ur, I occasionally need to come back to places like here or Cebarkul where I know I can still find kind friends to be together with and remember what Glitch is... was... all about.