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  1. jock custow

    Too bad we can't make any. I missed our one and only chance to make pi.

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Sir Francis Bacon

Deso anoeny slee ermerbme owh to aepsk pr?lhiups 'tsI neeb so lgo,n I eefl ilek 'mI eitngtg tsryu.

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Yesterday while I was playing Minecraft (sigh) the nearly-like-Ilmenskie music came on and someone asked me if I was playing Glitch. :'(

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We all stand and stare at the horror that is Kerlick's dancing.


the rest is silence
This is not death. A trip to Naraka is like visiting any other hub in Ur. Glitches do die though. One died on this very spot. It was the pain of another glitch's death that killed her.

Guard your heart!

Glitches do not live nearly as long as we do.
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
-some asshole