My favourite part of the old-style house I had on Lorme Rush ... love the cabinet, love the bonsai, love the lamp and the water sculpture. The piggy feeders used to be outside, obviously.
yes! please bring back the bansai , etc!
9 years ago
Mocha Maid
How did you get a back door?
9 years ago
Hell's Bartender
you are sooooooooooo lucky
my house is gone!
9 years ago
Bonsai. Want.
9 years ago
It was snapped on May 8.
9 years ago
@Mocha Maid, old houses. Had back doors, interior walls, no customization, but some really cool decorations.
I miss the back doors, interior walls, rooftop gardens (please, please, please can we have rooftop gardens again???).
9 years ago
Mocha Maid
Ah - I used to live in a tree house - no interior walls. I do remember having a (very basic) back door, now....
9 years ago
Chester Todd
9 years ago
Scarlett Bearsdale Scarlett Bearsdale snapped this
at 9:09am on May 8, 2012
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