My House is so nice and narrow now!
Zany Serendipity
Nice... but... maybe you need a little more furniture?
9 years ago
Ewww... what is that.
9 years ago
stoot barfield
Yeah, I cleaned it out when I built my tower, so there is not much left in there.
9 years ago
I Love You TS
I don't think I can comment. But if I would, I would say it's cleaner and better than mine.
9 years ago
Wow, you finally cleaned house!
9 years ago
La Mariposa
What is what?
9 years ago
Now I must go see what Stoot's tower looks like...
9 years ago
Stoot's tower has a great bed for jumping on!

...not that I know this from personal experience. I would never jump on Stoot's bed.

9 years ago
I need to go on the same diet plan your house went on.
9 years ago
now come clean my house! XD
9 years ago
Aww, you have my favorite door!
9 years ago
if only my house was that slim but my house is big as big as a well house. (wish my house would go on a diet)
9 years ago
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